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The evolution of crystals has gone full circle & I am really excited that within the past few years, they've become more mainstream and less witchy-woo-woo. Let's dive in to how crystals work to help us heal and lead a joyful life!

Feeling stuck is basically a cross-road between your desires conflicting with your fear-based thoughts. The steps I share is the fastest way to find clarity and re-align with yourself.

In moments of high-stress and frustrating situations, are you the type to say: Why does this always happen TO me? Or do you think and wonder why is this happening FOR you?

Although it was a one-line sentence, it packed a punch for me! It got me thinking on what those ‘leftovers’ were & what could I do to truly begin with a fresh slate for the new year?

So here it is...a mix of zen, over-the-counter calm powder and feel-good actions we can do to keep it cool & joyful as a chapter ends and a new one begins…

Hot off the press! This #fridayfave edition is all about self-empowerment & raising your energy vibes during this time of year. Because although the holiday season is all about family, giving & snuggling it can also be a time of stress as the year is wrapping up with w...

Even though my alarm went off at 4:44am (yes, I set my alarm using all Angel numbers!), I woke up excited, joyful and giddy! There was a buzzing energy in the air and I couldn’t wait to teach my 6am cycling class so I could spread those positive vibes to a packed room...

Most of life or at least ever since I can remember, I’ve always been ON THE GO. Focusing on the mindset of “ok, what’s next?”

I finished college and already thinking about grad school. Graduated with an MBA and mid-way through the program at UM and was already thinking...

A little over 2 months ago, I signed up for a 40-day kundalini meditation program for prosperity & it was life-changing!

As some of you may know, I can be extreme at times and go all in and that was in part what drove me to make the commitment to do this. To fully go...

This past weekend, I walked on fire. Yes, true story. Oh yea and I also attended Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within Conference in NYC and I can confidently say it transformed my life. Refer to the picture below for the visual of how much I loved it! :)

I’m a relativ...

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