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THE ANATOMY OF SUCCESS: A formula to achieve success

If you're here reading this, I know that you're ambitious, love to set goals for yourself and are seeking for the next tool to uplevel ✨

Which is why I'm excited to share with you the anatomy of goal setting & achieving.

Image by Mika Baumeister via Unsplash

In other words, if there was a formula that you can take to achieve goals, this would be it:

Clarity of your goal

+ Strategy (practical steps)

+ Beliefs (thoughts)

+ Energy

+ Accountability (support)


It is that simple.

Now most of us focus on the plan, the strategy and then we press play.

We tend to forget or not have awareness on how important your thoughts/beliefs are along with the energy that you're bringing to your day to day in order to achieve success.

Let me give you an example:

You have a goal of making more money. Let's say, you want to make another $10K/month - whether via promotion or in your business.

So you have clarity of the goal.

Next you think about strategy: what steps do I need to take get me there. This can be a conversation with your manager about getting a promotion. Or if you're a biz owner, you'd think about where can you get leads and what value to provide to potential clients.

Boom: you have steps & strategy.

Now let's talk about beliefs.

Beliefs are our thoughts towards this goal. Do we believe that we're capable of achieving this? Do we believe we have the tools? Do we believe that we are worthy?

When our beliefs are not aligned/congruent with our goals, getting to the finish line is going to be that much more challenging.

Next! (and in my opinion, the most important): Energy.

Energy means everything. Are we feeling energized towards our goal? Does our goal paralyze us? Does is motivate us to go for it or does it drain us of our energy?

Now let's finish with accountability & support.

The last and very critical piece of this formula comes in the form of accountability and support.

Take me for example: I am a very disciplined person. I do what I say I'm going to do.

Now I have found that even for someone like me who is so disciplined, the times in my career & as an entrepreneur that I've had even higher rates of success is when I have an accountability partner. Whether it's my coach, a friend, or my mastermind group.

Having someone on a weekly basis that I need to get back to with my progress has been so critical for my on-going success.

Do you have that accountability portion? If not, find someone asap to be that final piece of the success formula.

Now, take a minute to review this formula and compare it with your current goal(s).

Which part of the formula are you clear on & which part of the formula are you unclear with?

If you're wanting accountability, support and partnership to achieve your goals, schedule a call with me to see if coaching together is for you.

Always rooting for you and your dreams!




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