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Leadership & spirituality…a balance that requires a certain amount of self-understanding and confidence mixed in with intuition and a desire to explore.

Last week, I published a blog focused on leadership and spirituality. Based on the outpour of comments about being a spiritual leader, I created an archetype quiz!

Whether you are in corporate, own your business or show up as a spiritual leader in society, I decided to create this spiritual leader archetype quiz to give you more insight into what type of spiritual leader you are!

Introducing “What type of spiritual leader are you?” — a quiz to find out your archetype!

Archetypes were developed by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology (nod to my fellow Swiss compatriot)

Archetypes are simply a model, a type that highlights patterns, behaviors and allows us to better understand ourselves.


The Spiritual Leader Archetype Quiz: What is it?

This spiritual leader archetype quiz that I created is a unique way to blend in how you show up as a leader and with spirituality.

I also included some blind spots for each archetype that allows you to view other parts of you (that you may or may not be aware of them), bring them to the surface in order to continue expanding, healing and sharing your magic with the world.

Who is this quiz for?

Any leaders that consider themselves to be spiritual or are curious to learn more about their own spirituality.

Side note - when I talk about spirituality, I mean believing in something greater than just your physical human body.

Spirituality to me, is the knowingness that you’re not alone in the world. Whether it’s God, your intuition, your higher self or the Universe, you believe there are energies at play that partner with you in creating the world around you.

Some example of being a spiritual leader are —

  • Those that have a practice outside of work to stay centered, anchored and connected to themselves. Whether it’s running, reading tarot cards before work or doing breathwork a few times a week, you have a practice that centers you and allows you to show up authentically and joyfully

  • Leaders that follow their intuitions and gut instinct to make decisions. Decisions are not just based on excel sheets, research and analytics but also on intuition and our inner knowingness.

  • People that see their organizations (or own business) and the employees, coworkers are part of the human experience. As channels to help them grow, heal, evolve and not just people that are here to do a job.

Do any of those examples resonate with you? Reflecting how you’re showing up as a leader is such an important part of being a leader.

ok, it is time my friends!

*drum roll*

Click here to take the Spiritual Leader Archetype Quiz & find out what type of leader are you!

Share with me your archetype in the comments below and any questions that you might have!

I am so so excited for you to have this information and to continue supporting you in becoming the most joyful (and integrated) spiritual leader!

May you follow your joy — always & in all ways!




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