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"What is it the Universe trying to tell me?"

"Things are not working out like I thought, what is the Universe trying to tell me?"

"I keep getting rejected in job interviews, what is the Universe trying to tell me?"

"The people I've been dating lately are such players, what is the Universe trying to tell me?"

Image via Unsplash by Sharon Maccutchen

I'm going to break down for you what the elusive, mysterious, untouchable 'Universe' is trying to tell you.

Here are 3 important facts that you probably never knew about The Universe, until now...

First: Let's lift the veil from down under...

The biggest secret that people rarely talk about is that The Universe is YOU!


Moi? Me? Yo?

Siiii, oui, yes!

You. Are. The. Universe.

You are a physical representation of The Universe.

There is NO separation between you and The Universe.

You and the Universe are one.

Take a moment to take all of that in.

You are made of stardust, magic, atoms. Just like the Universe.

Second: Decoding what the Universe trying to tell you

The Universe is always reflecting to you 4 very important things:

  • Things that you already know about you

  • Things that you're not ready to admit in your life

  • Things that you might not aware of but they need to come to the surface for your best & highest good

  • The lessons you wanted to learn here on earth but forgotten about

Third: Soul Contracts

Remember, we ALL come here with soul contracts.

Lessons, conversation, situations, feelings, experiences that we wanted to have on earth.

But in the process on becoming a human, we forget about our soul contracts.

So The Universe is here to be our North Star, our guiding light, our forever companion that literally never has any judgement but is simply here to reflect back to us who we are and remind us of the contracts that we, ourselves, committed to before traveling to earth.

The Universe isn't a third-party entity who is judging and favoring some people versus others. Not at all. The Universe if anything is a completely neutral entity that is here to be our guiding mentor during our time here on earth.

Now, that you have this newfound awareness of the role of The Universe which truly is your highest self guiding you, always reflecting back at you, your truth, your journey, your deepest desires, how can you take this knowledge and leverage it in your life?

Depending on what situation you're experiencing right now that feels frustrating, instead of leaving up to The Universe and staying confused on 'what is trying to tell you...' here are a few questions that you can ask yourself to gain clarity, truth and most importantly, you're confidence back!

- What am I avoiding?

- What am I really afraid of?

- The truth is that...

- What am I holding on to?

- How can I release this pain?

- What am I not seeing here?

When you start taking inventory of your life, you might realize and finally understand why the situation that you're experiencing keeps coming back in your life.

It's not up to a third-party to come and fix it for's UP TO YOU! Take responsibility for where you're at, accept it and ask yourself any of the questions above. Get your answers, process, release *dust off* and get back to it!

After all, all we need is a shift in perspective. A new perspective is a miracle because it allows us to feel energized and positive in order to continue moving towards our desires.

May you follow your joy - always & in all ways!

PS: Do you want to discover and connect with the parts of you that make you feel alive, joyful and motivated to make things happen? Check out The JOY Method my 8-week program that gives you all the tools and techniques to transform your life.


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