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Renee Sovern

Coaching Client

"Stephanie has hands down been my saving grace/guardian angel.  In just 3 short months if working together, I have made more progress her with as my life coach than I have in 3+ years of traditional therapy. 


She has offered me guidance, support, encouragement, empathy, "tough-love," compassion, and a "tool-box" of strategies I can use on a daily basis.  Stephanie does not have a cookie cutter approach to her services/clients, she is proactive and offers individualized plans, exercises, etc. that WILL offer results. 

I can say with certainty, that my life now is filled with more joy, love, fun, happiness, and peace thanks to Stephanie.  She helped me out during a difficult time in my life and helped bring me clarity which allowed me to make a couple big decisions I needed to make (but was resistant to because I was fearing change).  I have now decided to work with her another 3 months as I transition to the next chapter of my life-  my best chapter!

I met Stephanie through my Friday morning spin class at Equinox  (she's my instructor).  I  love her spirt, positivity, and encouragement.  I always walk out of her class feeling on top of the world, in such a wonderful mood, and ready to make it a great day and weekend. (I joke her spin class if a free coaching session!) 


Eventually one day, I "stalked" her and realized that was was a life coach and I was so excited.  Of course I sat on contacting her for a couple months.  So, my only advice to is to contact her immediately if you are feeling called to do so (and not wait like I did). 

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Renee & I after an early morning spinning class!

I promise your life will change for the best, in ways you did not even think were possible!  I thank God everyday to bringing Stephanie in my life and allowing me to have her on my journey with me!"

Melody Fund
Coaching Client

"Stéphanie helped me find my inspiration!
I really wish I would have done this [coaching program] sooner. I wake up, jump out of bed and I am filled with energy  (not the four cups of coffee or Red Bull kind of energy.)
Having that kind of energy makes everything in my life seem more manageable and possible and exciting." 

Erica Pearl_2018.jpeg

Erica Pearl

Coaching Client

"Stéphanie is a miracle worker!
I started working with her in the fall when she channeled my spirit guides and performed energy clearings for me & in my home. I always feel lighter & realigned afterwards - she has a divine gift!
After a few sessions, I wanted her to coach me within the 3 months that I was her coaching client, my anxiety subsided, my confidence blossomed & I learned to trust my intuition. 

I loved working with Stéphanie. Her presence held a safe space for me to be vulnerable and for my miraculous shifts. Her high level energy is infectious & she is truly an angel!"

Stacey Horvath
Coaching Client

“Stéphanie has the ability to bring out the hidden motivations and blocks that I have not been able to identify.
I am finally taking responsibility for my life with the tools she has shared with me! I highly recommend Stephanie and her coaching!”

Andre Dettler

Coaching Client

“Within the first 2 sessions, Stéphanie allowed me to see the patterns within myself that needed re-framing. Stéphanie has very deliberate attention that is wrapped in a joyful infectious energy that makes you want to run out and present the newly-discovered 'you' to the world. 

After years of working in corporate and getting results that did not click, I highly recommend working with Stéphanie. She is an awesome life coach that stands out in getting things back on track in a time where our brains get overcrowded with noise and mixed priorities."

Vanessa Orta
Energy Healing & Angel Reader Client

"Stephanie is my go-to energy healer & spiritual teacher!


I've worked with her in so many situations! From clearing new homes I've moved into to cleansing my work space. She's the absolute best to work with!"

Life Coaching Testimonial for Stephanie Virchaux The JOY Method I love everything covered during The JOY Method. The JOY Method taught me to enjoy where I am now. For the first time in my life, I feel so much freedom, joy and peace in my life and in my business.
Testimoial for Stephanie Virchaux coaching: Stephanie Vircaux key differentiator as a professional coach is that she listens and completely focuses on the topic related to me and never with bias. This is Stephanie's special gift beyond the wise counsel and guidance.
Coaching testimonial for Stephanie Virchaux The JOY Method that says I'm not the same woman that I was when I started the JOY Method. I am not 100% not the same and in the best way possible
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