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10 tips & techniques to do when you're feeling off to help you feel better now

What do you when you're feeling tired, unfocused, not energized, anxious and just meh?

We've all been there. Many times.

You have a bunch of deadlines at work.

You're arguing with your partner.

You keep meaning to make time to cook.

You're craving a great workout.

But nothing seems to be going right.

I was literally there less than a week ago where things just felt off.

I am so in touch with my emotions, my thoughts, my energy, that any time anything feels out of balance, I can tune into to it immediately and shift it!

After years of practice and seeing amazing results, here are my trusty and proven10 tips & techniques to do when you're feeling off to help you feel balanced and like yourself again

Image by Denis Oliveira via Unsplash

#10. Do 10 jumping jacks or jump rope or push ups

Do an activity that gets your heart rate going for at least 60 to 90 seconds. You want to move the energy, you want to work up a sweat. This helps you immediately to get out of your head and into the body.

Normally, when we're annoyed, we're in our heads too much. We have all these thoughts that makes us angry and they got nowhere to go.

When you do jumping jacks or jump rope or push ups, you're basically sending out a SOS to your body to say "hey, I need you!" The oxygen rushes to your head, the body gets moving and you're likely to feel better and find a solution than if you're only engaging your mind and staying stuck in your angry thoughts.

#9. Light a candle or incense

Scent is a powerful mood shifter. Looking at a flame can be extremely healing. Combining both is a powerful way to ground you and bring you back to your center.

#8. Play your favorite playlist

Music is one of the fastest way to open up our hearts. When we are tired, frustrated, or feeling off, is usually because our hearts are shut off due to fear. We are shut off to try to protect ourselves but in reality, it doesn't only shut off the external world, it also disconnects us from our essence, our center.

When we play music, we gently open up our hearts again. This allows us to breathe, connect to love and immediately feel better.

If you're able to add a few booty shakes and get your body moving, even better!

#7. Go for a walk (like now, put your shoes & go)

The movement of walking signals the brain movement, forward, continuation. It's the opposite of stagnation. When we're angry or frustrated, we stay stagnated in our "angry thoughts"

When we go on walks, we're signaling to the brain to keep going, to move, to shake things up. Which is why we feel so much better after we walk. Because our thoughts literally moved and are no longer stagnated which is what feels awful.

So if you're reading this and you're frustrated, go for a walk, even if the walk is to go to your favorite coffee to get a drink. Trust me, you'll feel better.

#6. Take a shower (even a 5 minute shower in the middle of the day)

Showers are another powerful way to move stagnant energy, stagnant thoughts. Water is also "moving" particles which is hugely beneficial when you're trying to move your angry or frustrated thoughts.

Have you ever had the best ideas in the shower? This tends to happen because we're relaxed, open, and allowing the 'moving' of the water to move our thoughts.

Taking a quick shower when you're feeling down or frustrated can be a powerful shifter in your emotions and potentially be the place where you find your breakthrough and feel better!

#5. Make a list of everything that is on your mind

Grab a blank sheet of paper and write everything down. From the things that you have to do, to the things that on your mind and frustrating you.

Seeing things on paper can help you have a shift in perspective. A shift in perspective is often the only thing we need to change our moods.

#4. Practice tapping (EFT)

Tapping (also known as EFT) is a proven way to calm down the nervous system and get you our of the fight and flight response. When we're angry or feeling down, we tend to be in flight or fight. From that perspective, we don't see many solutions and stay stuck in our moods.

Tapping is a sure way to calm our nervous system and helps us feel grounded and connected to ourselves while getting us out of the fight & flight response.

Here's a tapping that I recorded recently about trusting more and controlling less. Give it a try

#3. Love and accept your emotions

Yes, this may sound silly but saying "anger, I see you, i love you and I accept you" and going one by one can decrease the uneasiness of it all quickly (try it!)

Accepting our emotions is what helps it dissipate. When we avoid, numb, ignore our emotions is what actually makes it stay longer because it's not getting loved.

Try it and see how it feels.

#2. Look around you & FIND THE GOOD

Literally. Take a minute or two. Look around you and start calling out what feels good. It could anything from your cozy sweatpants, to your jewelry, to your favorite plant. Set the timer and spend at least one full minute naming things around you that feel good. Do this as often as every hour.

You'll begin to feel better so quickly.

#1. Don't gossip, complain or vent. This just adds fuel to the fire. BUT...

But if you absolutely have to, put the timer for 5 minutes, vent, complain, bitch and then stop. (full stop).

And for good measure, do even more tapping throughout the day. You don't have to say anything but just tap without any words for a few minutes every hour can have HUGE benefits!

You can pick one, two or all the above when you're feeling frustrated. Make your own little "feel good" formula and when you're feeling off, you go to your emotional toolkit so you can feel better.

The more you practice, the easier it gets and the faster you feel better.

Try any or all of the above? Tell me what you thought, I want to know!

Any other things that you do when you're feeling meh? Share with me!

And always remember: everything is temporary. Nothing lasts forever. Even emotions.

May you follow your joy - always & in all ways!




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