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OMG I am giddy with excitement, joy, exhilaration to announce that I’m Little Words Project Chief Wellness Officer along with Kitty Gonzalez!

Little Words Project aims to inspire and encourage people to be kind to themselves and to pay that kindness forward, one bracelet at a time.

Here's the story of what this partnership came to life and it's all kinds of magic ✨

Often in life you meet people and magic happens 💫 Kitty and I met at L’Oréal years ago when we were both working there as Marketers. Now rewind: prior to meeting Kitty, I also worked there with Lauren Bonfig who is a GEM of a human. Life connections were made and life continued. I stayed in touch with them through the years. A few years ago I met Lauren for coffee and she tells me about Little Words Project and how she recently started working there. And she’s wearing their cutest bracelets and says “here have one!” I picked “be kind”

I immediately fell in love with the brand 😍 A few months later she reached out so we could partner! I was so excited to collaborate with an amazing brand, woman-owned. We do a workshop and it was fabulous. Later, I get invited again to do their podcast @glowthroughitpodcast (check out the pod!) and I meet the amazing duo Adriana Carrig (founder of LWP) and her bestie, the one and only Mariah Grippo Magic continues to flow… Kitty & I then decide to start collaborating. One thing leads to another and we’re in conversation with Little Words Project to bring content focused around personal growth, wellness, mental health. And…within a few short months, we are officially LWP Chief Wellness Officers! Our values beautiful align. Our missions compliment each other. Our energies flow seamlessly. So my friends, I continue to be AMAZED by this life full of magic. I continue to learn the lessons of let it be easy, let it fun, let it be joyful. I continue to learn to trust, surrender & allow. SURE do the work on you, figure you out, release the pain, stay on your lane, make happiness your daily focus and trust when I say the universe shows up for you…time and time again ✨ We are bringing magic to the Little Words Project community! And the LWP team is just 🤌🤌🤌 Thank you for always being so damn supportive and here’s to continue following our dreams in 2023 🪄



PS: And of course, I got you! Go check out Little Words Project and when you fall in love with their bracelets, use code STEPHV for 15% off.

I love to start the year with my word of the year and I customize their bracelets with my word so I can see it multiple times throughout the day. It's such a beautiful way to manifest 💫


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