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We've all been there. Doing all of the "right" things, taking action, thinking that if we just do then we'll get what we want. After a while of doing, nothing seems to shift and we give up altogether. Feeling tired and resentful.

We're more willing to stay uncomfortable, avoid a subject, be in pain and just allow for the situation to continue without taking action. We let it build up like a pile of dirty laundry...

It seems that the more the world awakens, the more we find ourselves questioning our lives, our jobs, not knowing what to do with all the internal noise leaving us feeling lost on how to go about figuring it all out. So where do we start?

A guided meditation that focuses on: Clearing any stuck/stagnant energy Forgiving past experiences that you're still holding onto Releasing any anger from the past Forgive those who have hurt you and open up space for new beginnings

Today, I want to do share my personal experience with you from a place of vulnerability and openness: what it was like to be silent for 10-days and to be disconnected from everyone you know and all the comfort around you.

Ready to create your own at-home ritual? Follow these steps and above all, HAVE FUN!!! There isn't a wrong or right way to do this, it's all about what feels right and joyful to you!

I am sharing with you 5 techniques for you to start using today to help feel more present, more confident, remove the holiday guilt and ultimately lift your energy and spread your joy.

By bringing awareness and understanding this transitional process, we are then able to much quickly and easily release that 'old' part of our identity and embrace the new parts that are coming to live = happiness & fulfillment!

If you were to ask me what have been the things that have made the biggest impact in my life and my business in the shortest amount of time. I would say without a doubt: Doing the inner work & getting in the flow.

This month is all about going in, deeper while continuing following my trail of joy 😎 So here go my August #intentions 💕 July was my bday month & it was all about delicious indulgence + enjoyment so I’m August I want to re-shift my focus to honor the Universe by tak...

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