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Life something feels challenging, doesn't it?

There's uncertainty, unforeseen challenges, wounds to be healed, habits that don't serve us but feel hard to stop and everything in between.

le sigh.

image via unsplash by sixteen miles out

when I'm going through a challenge, my heart feels heavy, my spirits low and overall everything moves slower, almost as if every emotion is being observed through a telescope.

If feels like I'm in this place for too many days but it tends to be a 48-hr funk until I regain my sense of self and decide to face the challenge head on.

here is what's on my toolkit that always helps me move through a challenge:

  • change my environment: get fresh air, go to new places, take a walk around my neighborhood (but take a different street than I normally do), talk to friends on the phone, eat different foods – just change things up – so I can move the funky energy through me. Plus new things energize me. Do things that feel energizing to you even if you really, really, really don't want to do anything.

  • what am I learning now?: this is BIG one, asking myself “what am I learning through this?” or “what am I healing through this?” – helps me feel hopeful, stronger & empowered by the challenge (instead of hopeless, disappointed and disillusioned)

  • there's always growth even I don't see it: I always tell myself this “even if I don't see, I know I'm growing. I know this is part of the journey.” I believe that everything that happens is to make us stronger and more aligned with our higher selves, challenges are no different. This helps me embrace the tough circumstance and *know* that it's helping me in one way or another.

  • I am responsible: Our feelings, our emotions are our responsibility. So when we feel a certain way that doesn't feel good, it's so much easier to blame everyone around us. STOP. Get in touch with your feelings, your emotions and start shifting them. You're only going to feel better when you decide to feel better.

  • “I'm the other side of this” – I LOVE this affirmation. I say it often “I'm on the other side of this” Like I've already figured this out, this is no longer a challenge. I'm on the other side of it. Done.

  • Spiritual support: Connect with the Universe, your Angels, your loved ones. Ask for support & guidance. Feel their presence, their love. Sometimes when we are going through a challenge, it can feel so lonely. We're never alone so ask for support & allow yourself to receive it.

  • journal: writing my feelings, how I want to feel, how I see the challenging situation changing & everything in between always helps me process and feel re-centered. Grab a pen and paper and let it rip -- it feels so damn good afterwards!

Ultimately, I always remember that things always pass. Life is in constant motion. Things, circumstances, relationships, experiences are always changing and evolving.

So in the meantime, while I'm in it, I try to love my emotions as much as I can. I pray, I shift my thoughts, appreciate the small things, I choose to do things that feel nourishing for me.

When my life feels challenging, I become even more responsible for doing things that make me feel good, alive, overjoyed.

If you're going through a tough time, remember you are loved, guided & that everything always happens for your best & highest good.

This too shall pass, this too will pass.

Now turn up some Lizzo & shake that booty + move that energy – you got this!




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