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Have you heard that saying "If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” (I think it was by Benjamin Franklin). Anyways, I too had heard that quote hundreds of times and it never really inspired me to plan (although I have always been a planner at heart, less of an action taker)

All of that changed a few years into being a business owner, when I realized planning, being intentional with my actions and then actually following through created a huge shift not only in my life but in my business.

Results started happening. Momentum started adding up. Things were happening & I then understood the importance of planning coupled with action = game-changing.

As I sat in reflection one day, I realized how much planning, focus, values & execution was a part of this 7-step success formula I had created.

This formula is something that I teach inside The JOY Method and I ask every member to complete it before we officially start the program.

Today, I want to share this formula with you!

It's simple yet powerful.

What you need:

〰️ Journal/notebook + pen

〰️ Time for reflection (this shouldn't take more than an hour)

〰️ Candles, music, cozy vibes to set the vibes

Image via Unsplash by Julia Kicova



STEP 1: Settle in and reflect

Take a few minutes to settle into your space, get cozy and spend a few minutes reflecting and journaling using these prompts:

  • What do I want to create during this month?

  • Why do I want this month to feel productive, fulfilling and successful?

STEP 2: Tap into your imagination

This next step is about visualizing what you want to bring into your life during the upcoming month. Whether you close your eyes and imagine everything you want to bring into your life or you prefer writing it all down - it's up to you.

  • Just imagine without any restrictions all of the wonderful things you imagine coming into your life

STEP 3: Create I AM statements

These statements are a powerful way to reprogram the mind and you start believing that all of your goals & dreams are possible to achieve. Here's how it works:

  • Turn Step 1 & Step 2 into I AM statements

  • For example: If you wrote down that you want to go after a promotion this month, your I AM statement would be "I am ready for this promotion!"

  • Try to have between 3 - 5 I AM statements based on your intentions for the month

  • Once you're done, write them in post-its or sheets and put them on your desk/bathroom/work space so you can see them on a daily basis

  • Daily repetition is what helps us reprogram our brains & belief system so we believe it is possible. If we can believe it, we can achieve it.

STEP 4: Get clear with your intentions

It's time to get clear on your intention for the goals that you want to create in the upcoming month. Intentions are feelings that you want to cultivate and nurture. Intentions are the energy behind your goals which becomes fuel and propels you to take action.

  • Based on Step 1 & Step 2, write down up to 10 intentions for yourself during the upcoming month.

  • Some examples are: I want to feel joyful and fulfilled, I am ready to challenge myself in ways that feel expansive, I am committing to finding happiness every day of the month

❗️Now that you've gotten clear with your energy, intentions, and created I AM statements, it's time to get clear with our goals for the month.

This is such an important part of the process. We usually do goals first and then energy & intention setting afterwards. The most powerful way is to start with energy + intention which is what drives us and then get clear on the output which are our goals.

STEP 5: Time for goal-setting

It's time to get tangible. Based on your intentions & energy, what are your goals for this upcoming month?

  • Write clear and tangible goals (tip: S.M.A.R.T process for goal setting)

  • Have no more than 3 goals for the month (more than that can be over-whelming and result in self-sabotaging)

  • Examples of goals: "I am going to establish healthy boundaries with work & shut down by 6pm at least once a week" or "I am going to spend an hour a day on social media" or "I will work out or move my body at least 4 times a week"

STEP 6: Get Clear on Your Why

Now that you know your goals, get clear on why those goals are important to you. The why allows you to understand what is driving you and the purpose of your goals.

  • Don't judge your why.

  • Your why can be anything from "I want to make more money to have more fun" to "I want to create a legacy business for my family" -- any why is valid.

STEP 7: Pick your word of the month

This is a simple and powerful technique to stay engaged, focused & anchored when you feel like giving up.

  • The purpose of having a word of the month is to quickly remind you of why you're committed to following through your goals & the energy that drives you to show up and continue taking action.

  • Examples of words: Joyful, empowered, freedom, unwavering (this is my word of 2022), confident, trusting -- it can be ANY WORD that energizes you and helps you to keep moving forward.

And there it is! The 7 steps to do at the beginning of each month to have a productive, successful and intentional month. Try them out & let me know how it went in the comments below!

Did you love this exercise? You will LOVE The JOY Method! The JOY Method is my transformative 9-week group program where I share the most powerful practical techniques & spiritual tools to create your most most joyful + fulfilled life.

Curious when the next JOY Method rounds opens up? Click here for all the info & learn more about this transformational program!

xx, Stéphanie

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