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The genius of understanding how important is to know your values is that you automatically take control of your emotions rather than your emotions taking control of you.

What is it that you want to do but fear is holding you back from taking action? Whatever your goal is, the time to take action is now.

Top 5 common challenges that we all face during the week and the top 5 scents to combat the challenges and stay on track!

The thing is that even when we are laser-focused on our goals, we have so much going on that at times it may feel that our motivation is 'taking a break' or you might even feel a little off and not even sure why...If this is something that you've experience...

As we know, energy attracts like energy so the focus of this Zen Sunday is all about cleansing your energy and expanding your inner light so you align with your desires and go after what you want! This segment includes a beautiful light meditation and my favorite energ...

A lot of us get the Sunday Blues and feel stressed about the week ahead. Zen Sundays gives you the space to feel at peace and connect to your inner warrior to know that you can accomplish anything that comes your way!

For the past decade, I worked in Marketing in Corporate America. My main focus was moving up the corporate ladder and become an Top Executive. Living in NYC, working at a top global company, I thought I had it all, until one day, in the middle of winter (it always seem...

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