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The way you choose to look at yourself can limit you or it can free you.

In the process of shifting our identity, it's important to remember that freedom exists within us. That we don't have to look outside of us to feel liberated.

Freedom exists within our daily actions. For example: Eating mostly veggies and decreasing your snacking can be hugely liberating. Because even though you're used to snacking, you dread it because you feel guilty afterwards.

Freedom exists within our patters. For example: You've been hanging out with the same friends for yeaaaaars but every time you come home after a happy hour you went together, you feel drained & tired. You feel bad not hanging out but every time you do, you feel shitty. Freedom exists in releasing those friendships (yes, that is possible)

Freedom exists in how you express yourself. For example, what you wear, how you dress, what jewelry you wear (or not), the type of haircut can be a way to honor your funkiness or to repress it because you're so used to wearing what you wear.

BTW - A few weeks ago, I cleaned out and donated at least 50% of my clothes & shoes. I truly kept what brought me joy à la Marie Kondo. The things that I wear now, I freakin' love & that gives me so so much freedom.

Is this beginning to track with you?

Feeling inspired, energized and liberated comes from you freeing yourself from these silly rules you have created in your life.

This week, rebel a little. Change things up. Liberate yourself from doing what you think you need to do, and do what your heart is yearning for you to be.

We all have within us to do things we've never done before ✨

May you follow your joy - always & in all ways!




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