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A note from Stéphanie -

Hello friend, welcome to my little corner of the world.


Whether you heard of The JOY Method through a past member, social media or the interwebs, I am so happy that you're here!


I wanted to share a deeply personal experience that I’ve never shared before on how the birth of The JOY Method. 

In September 2019, I experienced what many would consider a tragedy.


After being 6 months pregnant, my sweet angel Nina Alesia, transitioned to heaven.


This period for me was multi-dimensional. It strengthened my faith, I learned to surrender more than I have in my life.

Despite the pain, there was beauty.

Despite the sorrow, there was light.

Despite the unknown and what-if’s, there was joy.


I didn't call it a grieving process, My husband and I called it a healing process. I believe that “grief” and “love” can co-exist because I’ve done it and it’s something that I will do for the rest of my life.


The transition of my baby happened a few weeks before I launched the first-ever round of The JOY Method. I remember praying to God, meditating and asking “should I still do this? Or cancel everything?”


I heard a strong inner guide “Continue. This journey will be as much of a healing to you as it is to others.”


So I did. 3 weeks, after Nina crossed over, I gave birth to The JOY Method.


During these times which to many are painful and challenging, joy can also exist.


That is why I believe now is the time to be a part of The JOY Method.


The Journey of You (J.O.Y) is your journey. Your time to re-discover who you are and infuse key areas of your life with joy. So you can feel fulfilled from within. 

This is the time to create the life you’ve always wanted, to start new habits, routines. To set boundaries with family or co-workers. To release what no longer serves you and to make peace with your past. To create a vision that inspires you and makes you feel ALIVE! That’s what we do in the 8 weeks together.


I know that I am here to create a safe space for you to blossom and live a life a joy from the inside out.


Let’s create a world where it’s not about choosing to be happy or sad. Fulfilled or depressed. Instead a world where all emotions, experiences and healing can co-exist so we can keep spreading our light! 


If your intuition nudges to join The JOY Method, it'll be an honor to do this work with you. 


"I've never done a group coaching program before..."

I’ve never done a group coaching program before and I didn’t think I would enjoy it but that was far from the truth! I'd loved it! It’s actually so nice and comforting to know that there is a community of humans that I can rely on.


What I’ve enjoyed the most is what everyone shares every week, it’s EXACTLY what I’ve been feeling for a long time but never knew how to vocalize it. Things popped up for me that wouldn’t have necessarily come up to the surface if the group wouldn’t have brought it up. That in it of itself was very healing for me.

One big thing I love the most about working with Stéphanie is that it’s a two way street. She is just as open with us as we are with her, which makes being vulnerable that much easier. 


After the JOY Method, I was able to stop therapy and I feel confident in myself and this new chapter of my life.


The last 9 weeks flew by for me and the biggest shift is the confidence and courage to speak up for myself!


Working with Stéphanie was incredible and I highly recommend anyone that wants to increase joy in their lives to join this program!

>> You could have work/life balance and prioritize your own needs?


>> You could set boundaries with your family, friends & co-workers (no more feeling guilty for saying “no”)?

>> You could create balance and be truly present in every area of your life?


>> You could feel fulfilled from your every day life?


>> Find joy in the middle of grief, anxiety, change?


...without sacrificing your life, giving up the things you love and without guilt for prioritizing your own needs and wants?

I have found that my system works best for busy, driven and ambitious people who:


#1. Are stuck in a vicious cycle & unsure of how to step out of the ‘hamster wheel’ and be present in their lives.

#2. Are lacking boundaries, are constantly overwhelmed and feel that they never have a break to slow down and figure out what they want to do.



#3. Are lacking self-care, don’t know how to prioritize themselves, everything in their lives feels too overwhelming and they are always exhausted.



#4. They’ve realized something has shifted during this pandemic and are ready to commit to themselves and create a life of joy and feel fulfilled in their personal & professional area but don't know how or where to start.

#5. They feel that they've lost confidence, courage and are feeling stuck without a way out.

#6. Are ready to RISE the F%&$ up, live their truth & create more joy in all areas in their lives!


"I've gained so much freedom and energy in my olife"

I realized so many things about myself in the past 8 weeks. Throughout the entire journey of the The JOY Method, I had so many a-ha moments!


The biggest a-ha moment for me was about boundaries. I really thought that I was setting strong boundaries, but after learning more, I soon realized that I wasn’t. Now what I know what boundaries actually are and how to set them, I’ve gained so much freedom and energy in my life.

I am no longer drained from “out of nowhere” or from friendships. I feel empowered to make adjustments in my life in ways that I know energize me!


As I start this new chapter post JOY Method, I feel like I have the tools I need. I know how to re-fill my cup now and no longer am holding on to resentment when I feel depleted. I’ve begun to set healthy boundaries and now it’s time to practice. To be honest though, I do see myself in another JOY Method round because showing up on a weekly basis created the most consistency and shifts in my life.

Another huge transformation for me is that I KNOW how to manage myself which I didn’t know how to do before! I was really good at managing others, especially because of my career in leadership, but now I know how to take care of me as well!


I truly feel blessed to have been a part of the JOY Method (and low-key I feel that Stéphanie’s awesomeness rubbed onto me)! I’m now ready to start this new chapter feeling completely empowered because I know I have the tools to create the life that I want!

My new normal is a GREAT normal. There’s nothing to get “back to” – I love my new normal and I’m really excited to see what’s next. I am so proud of myself!

Don’t just walk to The JOY Method…RUN and sign up right now. You will not regret it. And who knows? I might see you in the next round ;)


Do you know exactly what you want in life?

Or are you more like, “I think I know what I want but not really sure and feel a bit stuck?"


In Module 1, I will teach you a step-by-step process on how to become your higher self and get super clear on what your dream life looks like, down to how many hours you want to work, how many bedrooms your dream house has, how you want to feel each morning. Ahh yes, clarity is key to success. Figure out your what + why? Let me help you.



Most of us are walking around with outdated feelings of shame: I should be married by now, I should be financially independent, I should be able to make peace with my past – my childhood, my traumas, my bad decisions.   This is a tough one.  However, you will never reach your desired goals of feeling fulfilled and joyous, if you don’t uncover and clear all the emotions that are holding you back.


In this module, we look at those experiences and shift our mindset so we can feel strong about all of our life experiences and use them as a catalyst for our success.



Did you know that there are different levels of energy? 7 to be exact. In this module, I teach you the 7 levels of energy so can observe your energy and change it according to what you want to achieve. It's like magic.

Also, I will share with you energy healing practices that you easily bring into your life and begin raising your awareness and frequency. This helps you feel lighter, more aligned and attract more of what you want. 



This module will change your relationship with money. Money is energy just like joy, courage or happiness. In this module, I share with you how the energy of money works.


I share how spring-clean your money beliefs, shift your perception of money and start a new journey with money from a place of harmony, abundance and joy.



Are you tired of feeling guilty because you feel bad saying no? Do you constantly find yourself being the one staying late at work because you couldn't say no to the additional tasks at work.


This is all about understanding your boundaries and limits, what you are willing and not willing to put up with. In module 4, we dive in head on to boundaries. Creating boundaries is key to feeling balanced. You'll gain freedom and feel energized once you start implementing healthy boundaries in your personal and professional life.



Learn what self-care means to you. Bubble baths, glass of vino, cozy socks. Does this sound like self-care to you? Maybe, maybe not. Have you ever looked into what self-care is to you? It might be a bubble bath or it might be deep cleaning your apartment or maybe volunteering at your local shelter.


Understanding self-care is key to feeling nourished and refreshed from inside out and avoid burn out. Module 5 is about learning how to structure your free time so you can feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Learn the art of balance and how to commit to your own intentions.

MODUle 6


From boundaries to self-care and prioritizing yourself. Clarity on dream life? Check. Releasing what no longer serves you? Check. Creating boundaries and no more guilt? Check. Understanding your own form of self-care? Check.


Ok, now what I do with all it in order to create long-term results. Module 7 has all the answers for you. This is where we bring everything together so you can create long-term sustainable habits. Win-win-win.




The next chapter. On the last module, we focus on you and the next chapter in your journey. The JOY Manifesto is an anchor that combines what you learned in all modules. This will serve you as an anchor for you to continue on your journey of growth and achievement. We finish with a gorgeous self-commitment ceremony to start this new chapter in your life!


(2) Private 1:1 coaching calls with me  ($650 Value)

Direct access to me and to supportive community

8 Weekly LIVE Calls (2 hours)

Guided Meditations

Sunday Weekly joyful check-ins to ensure progress on your goals

 Weekly training videos +


3-month post program check-in via private coaching call

Proven systems, structure and support to accomplish your goals


Develop skills & mindset to overcome your mental blocks.



Learn the process of how to accomplish a goal in 8-weeks in a way that is joyful & fulfilling

In The JOY Method experience, you also receive:

Lifetime access to all of the material

Pre-Work to audit your life & clear get on the areas that you most want to focus on

Journal prompts, affirmations & playsheet during each module

Live weekly access to get all of your questions answered

Access to private What's App group for on-going support


"I am now able to trust my intuition, and trust my gut for the first time in my life"

Stéphanie has been my coach for a few months and when I heard about The JOY Method, there was no doubt that I was going to join!

When we first started though, I was apprehensive of an 8-week commitment. I had never done anything like this before in my life and I wasn’t sure if I could finish it.


However, that quickly changed. Every week, I was more and more excited about our Wednesday JOY calls! Even my friends were surprised that I was “giving up” 2 hours of my life every Wednesday but after a few weeks, they began to see a difference in me, my attitude and they were so supportive of my commitment. They mentioned how happy and joyful I was after every call!

I have learned so much about myself in both small and big ways. I am much less reactionary overall. Things that used to really make me angry, no longer aggravate me.


The biggest change for me was increasing my self-confidence and trusting myself. I am now able to trust my intuition, and trust my gut for the first time in my life.


The doubts that used to creep in either don't come, or I'm effectively able to push them aside and follow my instinct. This alone has created a huge transformation in me. Not only in my personal life but as a professional, I am able to express myself in ways that honor who I am in the most authentic way. Before the JOY Method, the thought alone of having to confront people in my life made me so uncomfortable, now I feel fully confident in having tough conversations and speaking up for myself.

I highly recommend the JOY Method and working with Stéphanie! I know that you will be so proud of yourself after the 8 weeks are finished and you’ll see incredible transformation in your own life, like I did in mine.

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I am a Certified Coach & Energy Healer based in NYC. 


I am half Venezuelan/half Swiss and have a huge family! I am obsessed with New York City, I moved here almost 8 years ago and I cannot get enough...

Soon after I moved, a local NYer stole my heart and we married in 2017.

I am a peanut-butter + croissant lover lover, following my joy is what I do + all things consciousness, personal growth , intuition, woo-woo + spirituality are my jam!

I took a huge leap of faith & after 12 years in Marketing, I quit my corporate career to pursue my joy + follow my intuition and it's THE BEST THING THAT I'VE EVER DONE!


As the founder of SV Empowerment, I now work with ambitious people who feel over-whelmed and joy-less and I help them re-discover their joy + what fulfills them because ultimately life is too short to feel stressed and be unhappy. Am I right? 

After a decade of Marketing experience and working in top global companies such as L'Oréal, I decided to make a drastic change in my life: stay true to myself across both personal and professional areas in my life.


My mission is to spread that sense of authenticity and empower people to do the same in their lives creating a positive ripple effect.


I believe that with full determination & conviction, anything achievable!



"I had a huge shift around communication + feeling confident expressing myself"

A coaching program it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do but I had the limiting belief that I could never commit to it and even if I did, I wouldn’t have the time to finish it.


There is a module that focuses on time and what Stéphanie taught in that module was my biggest a-ha moment! I learned that in fact, time is not limiting. That if anything, I’ve been the one limiting myself with my time.


Admitting that to myself was difficult because I consider myself to be kind, generous, loving BUT I never was that myself. Until now.

Another huge shift was around communication. I used to feel so guilty about expressing myself whether to my family, friends or co-workers. I am now able to establish healthy boundaries, express my thoughts and prioritize my needs first which is so liberating and empowering!


I want to express my gratitude to Stéphanie and this group. The Wednesday JOY calls are the highlight of my week. I feel incredibly lucky to be in the company of all the JOYers!


I am so proud of myself for completing The JOY Method! When I first signed up, I was doubting that I could do a program for 8 weeks. But here I am, it flew by & it truly changed my life!

I am so happy that I committed to this program and I’m excited for this new chapter in my life. 

>> Will I have access to the content after the program?

Yes, all modules are recorded and you have access for life.

>> Are the calls live or pre-recorded?

All classes are live! So you can ask questions as they come. 

>> Do I get access to Stephanie privately?

Yes, you get (2) private coaching sessions with her. If you pay in full, you get (1) additional session!

>> Are there payment plans available?

Yes! Once you click to enroll, you will see the options

>> This is my first course & I am unsure if this for me.

Click here to book a discovery call with Stephanie & see if this for you!

>> Are refunds available?

Love it or leave it guaranteed: After Module 1, if you're not satisfied, you have 48 hours to email team SV Empowerment with the completed homework and you'll get a full refund.

Lastly, I do want you this decision for you to be a HELL YESSSS!!!! Yes, it can feel a bit scary if this is your first time but there is still the level of excitement. Follow your soul and intuition on this decision. 


"I finally realized that “I’m the only one who has the power to change"

I did the JOY Method twice and it was so eye-opening for me! 


At the beginning of the second round, my ego was like “whaaat you don’t have to do this again!” but that’s exactly why I had to do it. The old me wouldn’t have committed again because it can be hard. You start peeling too many layers and it can get messy. Re-committing felt right and I wanted to honor my intuition.


The second time around was way different than the first time. The first time my mind was like “cool, let’s try this new adventure!”, the second time around, I entered with a very different mindset. However, half-way through, I wanted to quit. But for some reason, I didn’t. I asked myself “what’s going on?” and then it happened: I began to uncover my actual patterns! It literally transformed my life. 

I could actually see my “old self” and how it comes out. From that place, I could actually change. I finally realized that “I’m the only one who has the power to change” It’s all me. Not external factors but anytime that I want to change: it starts with me.” I learned that through The JOY Method! The power is always within me. 


I’ll be forever grateful to Stéphanie and this incredible program that she created.


Also, the JOY Method community is so inspiring! Each of the incredible humans in the community were mirrors for me and brought so much into my life. It was the icing on top.


If you’re thinking about joining, trust that inner guidance and do it! You will not regret it & it will change your life!




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