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Our nervous system regulates our flight or fight response. Most of us are living in constant triggered states and igniting that fight or flight response which can be really damaging internally and keep us in a miserable cycle.

Because we're either fleeing (numbing, avoiding, scrolling) or fighting (with ourselves and others) and that cycle can be exhausting.

Having a consistent practice to regulate our nervous system thus creating safety in the body & mind, decreases us being triggered and increases a happier, fulfilled, joyful life.

Me doing EFT Tapping

Here are 5 ways to regulate your nervous system so you can increase your window of resiliency, feel less triggered, and just overall lead a happier life.

#!. Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique, short EFT)

Tapping is my #1 true & tried fastest and super effective technique to regulate your nervous system. Read a little post I did on what tapping is

#2. Water (shower, swimming, baths)

Have you noticed how amazing you feel after a shower or a good swim? That's mostly because your emotions are regulated = you feel good! Anything water related is super regulating to the nervous system. Usually when our emotions are stagnant, we feel triggered. Water represents flow, movement. When we make our showers, baths or swimming a release practice and a place of stillness and surrender, we're able to regulate our emotions and our nervous system.

#3. Music! Dancing, singing, listening to it

Music is extremely regulating to our nervous system. The energy of music goes directly to our hearts which is hugely regulating. When you're feeling anxious, worried or just off, play some tunes. You can hum, sing, dance and allow the music to penetrate your heart and regulate your emotions.


Change your breathing, change your feelings. Take a deep breath right now and see how amazing you feel. Breath is everything in this life. Allow yourself to be intentional and mindful about your breath. When you're angry, take a moment to deep breathe. When you're anxious, pause your actions and focus on your breathing. Breathing will literally bring life into your mind, body and emotions.

#5. Anything that uses your hands: cooking, painting, doodling, knitting

We welcome energy through our hands. Hands are powerful. Picking an activity where your focus in your hands (and not your thoughts) allows the energy to move and have an outlet of release. This is very beneficial to regulating because the movement of energy, allows your emotions and internal self to stay regulated.

The recommendation is to practice these on a daily basis. Not only when you're triggered but specially when you're not triggered, when you're going about your day.

This allows for your window of emotional resiliency to increase. So when an event happens that feels triggering to you, you have so much more capacity to observe from a neutral place and stay curious about your feelings without getting triggered.

Looking for a consistent practice to regulate your nervous system? Join The Energetic Cleanse! It's a monthly membership where we have 2 calls a month and we tap together and you get reiki as well.

It's the IDEAL membership to take care of you and your emotions!

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