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What is radical self-leadership?

It starts with owning and take responsibility for everything in our lives.

It's rooted in the belief that we have everything we need inside of us and all the necessary tools to navigate to life are within our reach.

It's a glass-full approach to learning how to manage our feelings, knowing how to set healthy boundaries, take responsibility for our life and standing up for ourselves and our desires, our goals, and in the pursuit of our dreams.

Me at a conference for a corporation in the fall of 2022


#1) Understanding your energy

Knowing how you interact with the world, how you take things in, how you give things to others. How things impact you and how you process things are key. What energizes you? What drains you? All these things make up your energy. Being a leader in your own life, you must know your own energy. Get in touch with yourself and begin to observe what fuels your own cup and what depletes you.

#2) Boundaries are freedom

Boundaries are guidelines that you share with others on how they can treat you and how you will treat them. Boundaries are freeing because they allow you to show up authentically you and others will know when they have crossed a line (and vice-versa). In the journey of radical self-leadership having clear boundaries creates an easier life both for yourself and those around you.

#3) Love your emotions

We tend to love the emotions we like and judge the emotions that we don't like. Radical self-leadership is about loving and accepting all emotions. Knowing that they are here to simply give you information on what's going on internally. I always share with my clients, when you're feeling happy, you're aligned with your highest self and intuition. When you're feeling unhappy, something is out of alignment. That's all. Keep listening and loving all of your emotions.

#4) Healing

Whether we're on a conscious journey of healing or not. There's always healing to be done. Healing can be as simple as a loving conversation with someone or as intense as shadow work. It's not the intensity (or lack thereof) that creates a healing but the wanting to feel at peace with who we are and the experiences we've had.

#5) Values

Values are principles in which we live our lives by. Examples of values are authenticity, humor, family, joy and so on. When we respect and honor our values, we lead a pretty aligned, happy life. When we disrespect or ignore our values, our lives can become draining very quickly. Radical self-leadership is knowing your values and honoring them in every experience and interaction in your life (bonus: email me at with subject line: VALUES and I'll personally send you.a fantastic exercise to figure out your values)

#6) Focus

Where you goes focus goes, your attention flows. What are you focusing on? The negative, the pain, the frustration in your life? Or are you focusing on what's working, the happy things, the abundance all around you? I know that when I focus on what's not working in my life, things begin to turn. sour pretty quick. Take radical self-leadership and make it your responsibility to focus on what is working. And see how your life begins to transform pretty quickly.

#7) Accountability

Accountability creates so much confidence because you are in essence through your actions saying that you can trust yourself. When you do what you say you're going to do, you get filled with energy, confidence, trust. As you're embodying radical self-leadership, do what you say you're going to do. Enlist a best friend, hire a coach, get an accountability buddy or create a to-do list. Whatever works for you but if you say it, do it.

#8) Self-love and self-care

Radical self-leadership is just not about performing and making things happen. Taking time for you, to relax, to rest, to reflect is key in the pursuit and enjoyment of your dreams. When you rest, you come back more energized,

#9) Responsibility

Taking responsibility for where you are in your life is liberating. Unhappy about job? Not feeling accomplished in your goals? Really proud of where you're at in life? It's all you. Blaming someone else is so much easier, taking the credit when things are going great, feels good. But the key is taking responsibility for it all takes courage and strength.

#10 Awareness

Having awareness means we know what we know and we also know that we don't know everything. Start observing your life, your interactions, your triggers, your laughter. Start inserting awareness into your day to day which will help shift the patterns that are distracting, allow to heal in moments of pain and also pause in times of overwhelm. There's great medicine in awareness.

Where are you in your own journey of radical self-leadership?

It's not about checking all of the boxes all of the time. It's about having awareness of what is at any given moment. It's about understanding ourselves better and feeling empowered knowing that it's always within our reach to change what we're not happy with and celebrate the wins in our lives.

May you follow your joy, always & in all ways!



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