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I used to see people eating alone and feel bad for them.

Then I started traveling a lot for work and sometimes it was just me in a new city, wanting to explore and thus started my love of solo dates.

I love love love going on solo dates. Even when my then-boyfriend, now hubby starting dating, I'd always make time for me.

I love going to the movies alone, wandering around the city, going to delicious dinners, sometimes sitting at the bar, other times getting a table for 1.

It's amazing, it fills me up and allows me to be with my thoughts and my amazing self 😊

Earlier this year, I gave birth to my little angel girl Dylan Joy! She is the light of my world ✨

And of course, being a first time parent, breastfeeding, and learning all of the things, solo dates took the back burner.

Until tonight!!

I went on my first solo date in 9 months while my husband stayed home with the baby and let me tell you: IT WAS GLORIOUS!

me walking around NYC enjoying the most magical time of the year

If you're reading this and thinking oh no, no, no, no I could never, YOU CAN! And if the thought of going on a a solo date sparks joy, then read on and get ready to plan your own solo date.

As a coach, I often suggest to my clients to go on solo dates. Especially when they're feeling drained and running on empty.

Solo dates also promote independence, self-confidence, trust and validation for oneself.

Solo dates can be extremely empowering and add so much energy in your life.

WHAT ARE SOLO DATES? Solo means alone in spanish. Solo dates means exactly that: alone dates.

This is the vibe: flirty, fun, adventurous, no rules and pure intuition.

Solo dating can work for all genders, all ages and has no rules expect enjoy time with yourself.


If you're ready to take the first step and go on a solo date, here are some things to keep in mind.

〰️ Wear something that you feel great in it! The vibes are flirty & fun

〰️ Take time away from your phone, the idea is to be with you and be in the moment

〰️ You don't want to go on a solo date and spend it scrolling on IG

〰️ If eating alone feels too intimidating then start by going to a museum, getting a massage and plan a fun outing walking around the city

〰️ If you're feeling daring and are ready to dine alone, order what feels so good for you! Splurge and enjoy every bite

〰️ Enjoy a delicious dessert or ice cream on the go

〰️ Most importantly: HAVE FUN

In my latest solo date, I started by getting a haircut which gave me a nice little booster. Then I literally followed my intuition as it guided me through the streets on NYC.

Following my intuition especially on solo dates is my favorite so when I go out I usually don't plan in advance. I trust myself to make a left or a right or continue on a path depending on what feels good in the moment and it always lands me in the perfect place for me.

If you're new at this just start by asking yourself: should I go left, right or straight? And *feel* what your body is telling you and follow that.

Tonight for me, it led me to the most beautiful street full of twinkle lights (pictured above) and I ended up in a delicious italian restaurant full of twinkle lights (again! which I love so much!).

I ordered spaghetti and focaccia and had the most lovely glass of red wine. Afterwards, I walked on Madison Avenue while listening to the most fun playlist and once again followed my intuition that led me to a gelato place.

Even though it was so so so cold, ice cream sounded delightful.

I had a cone of madagascar vanilla with something called pretzel sauce and let me tell you, it was so damn good!

I made my way home eating gelato and enjoying the holiday decorations, listening to amazing music and feeling so connected with the universe.

I felt so so so good that I leveraged that amazing feel-good energy to manifest amazing desires into my life.

^^Practice that! When you feel really good, say thank you and ask for more of what you want! In those moments of feeling really good, you're deeply connected with universal, divine energy so ask for more of what you want!

And as soon as I opened my front door, I was greeted by smiles that melted my heart while my husband said "welcome home sweetheart! how was your night?"

Tonight filled up my cup to brim and more. I feel re-energized, rejuvenated and full of life.

From this place, I can show up even stronger and more lovingly for myself, my family, my business and life.

Solo dates are absolutely magical and such a beautiful way to fill your cup. Spend time with yourself and have fun!

As always, sending you all the joy + light!

May you follow your joy, always & in all ways 💜




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