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2023 is 4 days away...OMG! I am so excited and of course I'm doing all my planning, organizing, prepping and setting intentions as we begin the new year.

I'm hosting an amazing workshop this year called Joyfully Aligned! And it's a vision board workshop where I'll be sharing the easiest formula to manifest, we'll be releasing 2022 and I'll be sharing must-know tips to create your most supercharged and intentional vision board PLUS a template for you to create your own digital vision board!

The workshop is happening on 12/29/2022 and you can get your tickets here

(note: if you're reading this blog after 12/29/2022, you missed Joyfully Aligned workshop! But no worries, sign up here to get my emails with details for upcoming workshops!)

Image by Estee Janssens via Unsplash

Let's dive into my 6 tips for you to super-charge your intention setting and your vision board for your 2023 goals and beyond!

  • In your vision board, use images that represents moments after you hit your goal. This ignites a super powerful feeling that it's done, thus bringing you to that feeling that it's complete

  • When it comes to placement of images, use a timeline of what you have in mind for your goals to come to life (IE: a new car in February, hitting a certain dollar milestone in April, a specific travel in July) If you don't want to add a month, you can just do the placement in a linear way that feels organized for your brain

  • Make sure the images that you use ignites a feeling when you look at it, you’re like YEA!

  • Be specific with your affirmations and goals. IE: don't just write 'success' but instead write what success is to you, might be car, a house, a title, etc

  • Your list of intentions and/or vision board should include a mix of things that you already have and then new things that you want. IE: A picture of something that you already have and love AND the new things that you want to call in. This helps the mind to know that this is possible because you're including things that are already happening

  • Include affirmations and mantras (in the present tense) as part of your vision board and repeat as often as possible so the mind can start believing it as true

Now something extra that I LOVE to do and have been doing it for the past couple of years is get a Little Words Project bracelet with my 2023 word. I wear it literally every day and it helps me stay anchored and focused on the energy that I'm calling into my life.

You can get your bracelet here and use code STEPHV for 15th off!

Wishing you the most amazing year with all the joy!

May you follow your joy - always & in all ways!




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