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Q: What are some tips on staying present in the moment while we are all in this waiting period?

A: Here’s a simple 5 minutes mindfulness method to stay present in the moment

Living one day a time and in the present moment is a matter of intention and practice.

Starting with re-framing how you’re looking at this time as a “waiting period” already creates an additional layer of pressure and wanting this time to be over since it’s a “waiting period” in your head and let’s be honest, nobody likes to wait!

So first, re-frame this period of time: what else can you call this season of life? A time of change, a time of evaluation, a time of resiliency, a time of compassion, a time of love, a time of change? What feels good for you to call this season of life in a way that brings you peace and stillness.

Now, when it comes to staying present in the moment it’s all a mind game. The mind loves to go back in time or loves to future-trip. Meaning we tend to either live in the past or in the future. A way to stay present is the be aware of your surroundings and here’s a fun exercise to bring this life.

When you catch yourself not being present, come back to the present moment by following these steps that engages all of your senses and brings you to the present moment.

This exercise of mindfulness takes about 5 minutes and it’s a way to relax your thoughts, your body and give you headspace to come back to the present moment.

Step 1: Just sit in a comfortable place, feet planted on the floor and lay your hands on your legs. Quick tip: Palms up when you’re feeling tired and want to welcome energy into your system. Palms down when you’re feeling extra wired and want to feel peaceful and less energized.

Step 2: Take 3 deep breaths counting to 5 when you inhale and then counting to 5 when you exhale.

Step 3: Time to engage your 5 senses. One at a time and about one minute each.

Smell: The first scent to engage. Just focus on the smell in your environment. Is someone cooking? Or maybe you smell the scent of a candle. Gently close your eyes and focus on the subtle scents around you.

Taste: Now move your attention to your mouth. Whether you’re eating or drinking, focus on your mouth, your tongue. What does it taste like? Right now, I’m drinking coffee and I can taste the delicious coffee taste in my mouth. Maybe you just brushed your teeth and it tastes minty. No matter what is, just savor every taste in your mouth.

Sight: Now shift the focus to your eyes. Gently open and close your eyes. Look around you. What do you see? If it you’re home and you’re thinking I know what everything looks like. Pay close attention, maybe there are different shades of white. Or look at your floor and the different patterns.

Hearing: Bring your attention to your ears. What are you hearing right now? Maybe birds chirping in the background, the AC humming or perhaps a gentle breeze. Focus on a particular sound and stay there for a minute or so.

Touch: Lastly, it’s touch. You placed your hands on your legs when we started this exercise. Are you wearing a soft pair of pants, how does they feel? Maybe you’re wearing shorts and you feel the softness of your skin. You can also touch objects on your desk or your living room or the chair you’re sitting on.

There it is, 5 minutes to bring your attention to the present moment and relax your body and thoughts. This exercise might feel too simple to help you stay in the present moment but give it a try! If you get distracted as you’re moving through the senses, start again. This is a way to train your mind to stay focused on the task at hand. It’s not only helping you stay present but it’s also helping train the mind to stay focused. A win-win!

Did you try it? Share with me below what your experience was! I'd love to hear from you!


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