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Sanctuary is a place of refuge and rest. Sanctuary comes from "sanctus" which in Latin means 'holy'. Historically, churches would have places where fugitives could seek protection and have immunity from the law for 40 days. Say whaaat! So I know you are most likely not a fugitive but wouldn't it be a nice to have a holy place where you can find immunity from auntie Greta, the never-ending stressful thoughts or even holiday anxiety?

That place does exist and we're going to create it right now.

Image by Valero Doval via Pinterest

OUR 4 BODIES // Did you know that we are composed of 4 bodies? We have our physical body, spiritual body, mental body and emotional body. Two of them are masculine energy (physical and mental) and 2 of them are feminine energy (emotional and spiritual). Creating our own sanctuary is based on honoring our 4 bodies and keeping them in balance. Here's what each body is composed of and what you can do to keep each body in balance.

Emotional: The emotional body is composed of hormones, nervous system, water release through tears or water absorption through feeling bloated (holding onto to things/thoughts too tightly). Our emotional body expands 2 feet all around us. The emotional body bridges the gap between mind and physical.

>> A few ways to bring balance to your emotional body is by releasing any emotions or tension that you're holding on to. You can do this through journaling, breathing, yoga, forgiveness, having courageous conversations and simply by doing things that bring you joy.

Physical: The physical body is composed of what you'd expect: skin, organs, blood, muscles, etc.

>> You can bring it into balance through movement, breath, walking, massages, stretching and anything that engages your physical body.

Mental: Our mental body is composed of thoughts, attitudes, judgement. It how we process things that are going on around us.

>> Bringing your mental body into balance can be done through therapy, coaching, yoga. Raising our awareness and being aware of our thoughts and honoring our emotions is key to maintaining balance in our mental bodies.

Spiritual: Our spiritual body is the connection to the Divine, God, the Universe. Our spiritual body connects us to what is. It’s not connected to religion or any particular dogma it’s just the energy that unites us all.

>> You can keep balance in your spiritual body through meditation and breath work, through appreciation and acts of giving.


Now let’s create your own sanctuary! The key is simplicity and consistency.

Take a few minutes and brainstorm joyful and peaceful activities that honors your 4 bodies which is what creates balance. We feel out of balance because we are ignoring or disregarding one of our bodies.

There’s no need to make this complicated or overthink it. Just pull out a piece of paper and pen, write the 4 bodies and then jot down a few things that you can do to honor who you are and what you’re made of, things that feel joyful and create that internal peace and serenity.


Throughout the holiday season, make a point to every day do one thing that honors and respects one or all four of your bodies. When you're feeling out of sorts, look at your list and do an activity that brings balance into your life.

Here’s what I’m committing to doing daily to nurture balance within me.

>> Emotional: Writing daily miracle mornings and also journal my emotions when I feel stuck so I can release the pain. I also commit to feeling the emotion and let it flow through my body (no matter how uncomfortable it gets!) since I know this is the fastest and easiest way to release it instead of repressing it.

>> Physical: Doing 10 minute Qi Gong (mind-body-spirit practice) at least x4/week. Also, since I teach spin x2 weekly that will be the other component of honoring my physical body.

>> Mental: I will bring the energy of love to my thoughts and emotions specially when I am judging, feeling frustrated or anxious,. I will ask my Angelic team for healing on an on-going basis and continue choosing the energy of Love.

>> Spiritual: Daily meditation, whether it’s 5 minutes or 20 minutes. Meditation is a gateway for me to connect to my higher self and it feels so wonderful!!! It’s a surge of joy that I feel when I make that connection.

Now it's your turn! Put aside 15 to 20 minutes today or tonight and create your own sanctuary!

I'd love to hear what you create! Share below in the comment section or email me at

Sending you lots of light and love during this holiday season!

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