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We've all been there: doing all of the "right" things, taking action, filling our calendars with never-ending to-do's, thinking that if we just do then we'll get what we want.

After a while of doing, nothing seems to shift and we give up altogether. Feeling tired and resentful. How do you make things happen and achieve results without burning out in the process?

Image by Greg Rakozy via unsplash


The current paradigm, pattern, way of living that most of us operate under is: DO >> HAVE >> BE Meaning we believe that in DOING, we'll HAVE what we want and then we'll BE (happy, fulfilled, etc). We view the DOING as a way of BEING. For example, if we want to BE a writer, we believe that by DOING: taking writing classes, learning how to write, we'll HAVE the confidence and feel worthy of BEING a writer. The challenge of this paradigm are a couple of things: >> First the DOING: doing all of the time becomes exhausting. We end up becoming captive to our to-do it. >> Having a long to-do list becomes daunting. We end up feeling paralyzed. There's so much to do that we end up doing nothing at all. Does that sound familiar to you?


Here's food for thought on changing how to create without burning out.

A new paradigm for creation and achieving:

BE >> DO >> HAVE

This new pattern is centered around the idea that if you want to HAVE more of something in your life, you need to BE what you want.

In the example of the same writer above, if you want to BE a writer, starting calling yourself a writer, start writing every morning, add "writer or story-teller" to your email signature. Embody the essence of a writer. BE a writer.

That takes cares of the DOING because by BEING a writer, you'll be already taking action without the action being the focus. Then you'll HAVE the writing.

See the difference?

How freeing it is to know that you get to BE what you want more in your life.


The example that I shared above is focused on a tangible desire. If you're wondering how do you follow the new paradigm for a desire such as wanting to be in a relationship which is a bit more intangible.

You follow the same process.

Who would you BE if you were in a relationship?

> Brainstorm of how would you be different?

> How would you show up every day?

> What habits would stay the same? How would your thoughts shift?

Then start embodying that person who is in a relationship.

This principle applies to all things that you desire to call into your life.

You need to become it (the desire) before it shows up in your doorstep.


Lastly, let's not forget that the desire itself is the 'permission' and 'approval' that we have what it takes to create it. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a desire within us.

Our desires are divine.

Having a particular desire is the green light from The Universe, God, Source that we already have within us what it takes to bring to life what we desire to be or have.

It doesn't mean that action won't happen but you'll be inspired and excited to take action. Instead of grinding and pushing towards taking action that in the end might have no been the best way to go about it leaving feeling burned out.

The actions will be led by your intuition not the mind once you embody and you BE what you want.

Remind yourself today to BE and follow that energy of BEing (instead of DOing).

Don't forget, we are human BEINGS after all (not human DOINGS).

Here's to continue following our joy, BEing our desires and letting our light shine.

May you always follow your joy!


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