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Hello my friend,

This feels scary and yet it’s time. I am here to share today how I recently learned an important truth that is critical to share in times like these. This is probably a little longer than usual email and to be honest, the message here is as much for you as it is for me.

2019 was a pivotal year in my life. I learned one important truth: it is possible to experience joy in a time of grief. ⠀ In 2020, as we are all experiencing this pandemic, I am reminded of the same truth: It is possible to experience joy in a time a grief. Here’s something deeply personal that I want to share with you in hopes to remind you that joy can exist in a time of grief, pain and uncertainty. Earlier this year, I'd plan to launch another round of my group coaching program The JOY Method in April 2020. When everything hit, I started doubting, should I wait until this is over? Maybe now it’s not a good time. As always in times of uncertainty and conflict, I turn within. I sat down in my meditation mat and prayed. I wanted guidance and clarity on what to do. I asked my inner being, God, my Angels to guide me during this decision-making process which led me to share a deeply personal experience with you on how I learned to experience joy in a time of grief (or as I call it a healing process). Here it goes... Less than 6 months ago, I experienced what most would consider a tragedy. After being 6 months pregnant, my sweet Angel transitioned over to heaven. This period for me was multi-dimensional. It strengthened my faith, my relationship with husband, my family. It was gut-wrenching and the deepest growth I'd ever experienced. I learned to surrendered, to trust, to feel and to allow. There was constant duality of pain and surrendering. Despite the pain, there was hope. Despite the darkness, there was light. Despite the unknown, there was joy. Despite the sorrow, there was love. That time for me, I never called it a grieving process. I honestly felt that it took away from the Divinity of it all. My husband lovingly said it best “this is a healing process.” A few weeks before my daughter transitioned, I was working and focused on launching my new group coaching program “The JOY Method” – I was excited to bring to the world this brand-new, never done before container for transformation, safety, release and joy. My daughter crossed-over to heaven in late September, a few weeks before the launch. People had signed up, we were ready to go. In the midst of all, I found myself sitting on my meditation mat praying, asking God & my inner self “What should I do: move forward with The JOY Method or cancel it?” You might be thinking “Stéph! Of course cancel everything! You are grieving, healing, processing!” But something inside of me felt different. I heard a strong inner guide saying “Continue. The journey of The JOY Method will be as much of a healing to you as it is to others” Message received. The JOY Method was on. Even if it meant sobbing during the live calls. Here's what I did during those months: I promised myself that I would not avoid, hide, numb ANY FEELINGS. I gave myself permission to feel it all. I did cancel everything else: private coaching calls, took a leave of absence from teaching spinning, stopped attending functions and events. I wanted space, lots of space to feel all of the emotions. Some of the members that signed up for the first round of The JOY Method knew what happened, they were close friends. The other members had no idea. It didn't matter: we were together for the 8 weeks, every single week. Holding each other, creating safe space for each other. We were transforming in the most beautiful divine container. Although, I didn’t give physical birth, I gave birth to The JOY Method. For me, The JOY Method isn’t just a program or a course. It represents so much more: my daughter, my faith, my transformation, my joy, my strength, my purpose and the Divinity of this earth and this physical experience. To come full circle, I started this story by saying: it is possible to experience joy in a time of grief. ⠀ I know this truth because I’ve experienced it first-hand. I'm here to teach you how. Because as a close friend recently reminded me: if you know how to create joy in times of grief, you can DO ANYTHING! A few weeks ago, I experienced the same conflict: "Should I launch The JOY Method during these times?” Once again, I sat on my meditation pillow and here's what I heard from my Angels including my daughter: A clear YESSSSSSSS!!!!! When I hear the message, I follow. Always. As I’ve learned to trust and always listen to my inner guide: I am honored to say that The JOY Method is open for enrollment! We are starting a new round next Wed 4/22/2020 and if you’re called to join it’s be an honor to have you as part of this Divinity and safe space. The JOY Method is my 8-week program. JOY stands for Journey of You (J.O.Y) is this is your journey! The JOY Method is a journey to set the foundation and create the life you’ve always wanted. Weekly modules focused on habits, routines, how to set boundaries with family or co-workers. A module focused on releasing what no longer serves you and to make peace with your past. We start by creating a vision that inspires you and makes you feel ALIVE! That’s what we do in the 8 weeks together. I know that I am here to create a safe space for you so when things settle, you’ll be ready to blossom and live a life a joy from the inside out. Let’s create a world where it’s not about choosing to be happy or sad. Fulfilled or depressed. Instead a world where all emotions, experiences and healing can co-exist so we can keep spreading our light! During these times, which to many are painful and challenging, joy can also exist. That is why I believe now is the time to be a part of The JOY Method. 2020 is NOT cancelled. 2020 is our year to rise and become who we were always meant to be. Thank you for reading all the way through and for always being such a strong supporter! Sending you lots of joy + light!


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