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I have always been fascinated with journaling. I've had journals since I was a teenager and still keep them in a box underneath my bed.

As I've gotten older, my journal entries no longer start with "today, my crush smiled at me!" or "I cannot believe that Alex is dating that girl! WTF!" lol I rarely use my journal to process things or keep a historical database of my most embarrassing tales; instead I use journaling to manifest things/experiences and bring my desires to life. It's magical.

Image by Joanna Kosinska via Unsplash

This technique that I'm going to share today is normally called "Writing As If" or "Scripting" but as I've been using it for years now, I've re-named it to "Miracle Mornings"

I call it Miracle Mornings because I think it works best when you use it first thing in the morning when you wake up with a neutral energy and clear mind. And also, you're writing about the miracles that you're calling into your life as if, they're already happened.

It's very simple and here is how it works:

Step 1: Get clear on what you want to magnetize into your life, what do you want to call into your life?

Step 2: This step is crucial. What are the core desired feelings that you'll feel once that thing/person/experience is in your life? Right a list of them. For example: Once I get my dream job, I'll feel delighted, respected, certain.

Step 3: Write a story AS IF it already happened. Write it down with all the details, the feelings you got from it, how the experience felt, smelled and looked like. You want to make sure that you write it in the present tense or past tense. So you wouldn't say "I will get my dream job with the best team ever" instead you would write "Having my dream job is incredible! I feel so respected, seen and delighted by what I do!"

You see the difference?

The most important thing is while you're writing it, FEEL AS IF IT already happened! Get excited over the fact that you DID IT!!!! This is what ignites the spark and when you submit 'the order' to the Universe.

Then you let it go.

You can do this multiple times or write it once. The important part is that you feel it and you decide IT IS DONE!

Here's an example of my own journal entry that I did using Miracle Mornings. I always have a blast writing Miracle Mornings and this one was a little different. This one I did right before I launched a round of my group program called The JOY Method (which BTW the new round is currently open for enrollment! New round starts on 4/22/2020! Email me and I will send you details on how to enroll!

I wrote this from a client perspective, as if this wonderful client called Lauryn enrolled in The JOY Method and she sent me an email afterwards telling me about her experience.

Here it is...

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you for putting together and sharing with the world this incredible program The JOY Method!

Before I joined, I felt out of sorts. I constantly felt uneasy, stressed and doubting me and every area in my life. I had no boundaries with my family, it felt that we were constantly bickering with each other. I felt drained by work and I wasn't even enjoying the time that I spent with my friends.

My chest felt constantly tight and my tummy felt like a ball of knots. Most things felt like a struggle and I didn't know how to reset, re-start and stop this toxic loop.

Even with my health, I had stopped working out as was using food as an outlet to ease my emotional stress. I had lost my rhythm, I felt pretty defeated and powerless.

Enter you and The JOY Method! What a breath of fresh air and pure joy! Your program gave me the tools and the motivation to begin again, to start, to take daily steps for me and my happiness.

Every week, you provided tools that I began to incorporate into every area of my life. Relationships began to shift, the bickering stopped, habits began feeling joyful again. I began to feel alive!

The relationship with my family began to improve, I was able to set clear boundaries (loved that module about boundaries BTW!). I began to feel more energy flowing into all areas of my life.

My manager at work began to treat me differently and respected what I was bringing to work. I felt empowered and aligned with my highest self.I started to look and treat my body with kindness and love. That motivated me to begin moving my body, working out and eating whole foods that felt good and nourishing!

My daily evening 3 to 4 glasses of wine every night decreased and eventually I found more comfort in tea, a book and a cozy blanket. No more netflix bingeing and drinking until dozing off. I mean WOW, I never thought I'd be able to shift out of that habit...Integrating the methods you've taught me and the refreshing perspective that you bring to every call has brought a complete 180 shift to my life.

I had no idea how much emotional weight from past experiences I was carrying around until we did that release in week 2 and I immediately felt lighter!I love how you mix spirituality with practical tool and the energy modalities you taught me, I still use them daily! Zipping that energy!

The visioning we did in week 1 was so needed in my life! Now I am clear and excited about the life that I am creating! I know exactly what I want and I know that I am on the right track!

And all of that are just the tangible things! I cannot even express with words the difference that you've made in my life. You created such a safe space, joyful environment where I felt comfortable in my skin as ME!

I felt empowered to show up authentically and that felt so goood!

The JOY Method and you have changed my life!

Thank you for creating this and sharing it with me and the world!

So much love!


PS: On the last week of The JOY Method, I met this incredible guy during a virtual dating event that I attended! Although, I don't know what the future hold, it feels incredible to be dating! Thank you again!


I mean...just reading those words creating such feels within me. I am being pulled by vision of helping and working with the "Lauryn's" of the world! Creating from this place is INCREDIBLE! I am not thinking 'launching is stressful' or stressed about any of it. All I think about is "Lauryn" and how The JOY Method literally changed her life.

By the way, I do this technique before every launch and I create the most incredible clients that sign up! THIS WORKS my friends!

So what do you say? Ready to give Miracle Mornings a try? Once you try it, let me know how it goes!

Also, if you felt connected to "Lauryn" and you're ready to join The JOY Method, email me right now and I'll send you the details for the latest round starting on Wed 4/22/2020. If you're reading this past 4/22 then send me an email anyways to say hello and you can subscribe to the waitlist for when I launch the next round in July 2020.

Lots of joy + light!


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