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Resistance. Flow. Resistance. Flow.

Allow. Control. Allow. Control.

Stress. Surrender. Stress. Surrender.

On. Off. On. Off. On. Off. On. Off.

Sprint. Pause. Sprint. Pause.

Trust. Doubt. Trust. Doubt. Trust.

As I think about the ebbs and flows of every season of life, there’s always expansion, contraction and the in between moments.

Image by Joshua Newton via Unsplash

We want to have all the answers.

We want to trust, to be in soul-flow, to sprint and allow.

Yet, we shy away from the pain, the doubt, the control, the pause, the fear, the emotions.

It feels like we take two steps forward and one backwards.

And the cycle begins again: the resistance, the doubt, the fear, the internal dialogue of shame, pain, and guilt.

This pause, continue, avoid to then start again, create, expand is a never-ending draining cycle.

We say yes to soul to then drag our decisions through the mud.

Think about nature: Fall, winter, spring and summer.

Same cycles as humans.

Humans follow the cycle of nature. So how about we learn from nature?

How about we embrace the season for what it is (like nature does) and learn the lessons that come with each season?

Instead of tearing ourselves down when we’re scared.

Instead of questioning of actions when we’re following our heart.

Instead of doubting our greatness and shying away from our power when we’re taking a leap of faith that energizes our core.

No more. This stops today.

Right now.

Today is when we own our power.

Today is when we claim our greatness.

Today is when we embody our gifts.

Today is when we take the leap of faith.

Today we allow the Universe to catch us.

Today we decide our life changes.

We escape from out of our own cage and LET IT RIP!

We hear our grandparents say life is short. We read quotes that emphasize how precious life is.

Yet, we sit in our fear.

Yet, we sit in our doubts.

Yet, we sit in our mundane 9 – 5 jobs and keep our heads down.

Yet, we stay in relationship in order to be conventional.

Yet, we conform to the rules that have been created for us and settle.

^^It’s time to stop.

It’s time to LET IT RIP!

It’s time to remember who TF YOU ARE!

It’s time to allow, trust, take action.

It’s time to say YES to the yearning and call of your soul.

It’s time to listen to your heart and give your mind a break.

It’s time to settle into our Divine roots.

It’s time to create our internal anchor.

Are you ready?

Do you feel energy moving within you? A mix of excitement coupled with WTF am I doing?

Then you’re on the right path, my friend. Let’s do this.

I want to tell you about The JOY Method…

The JOY Method is unique.

The JOY Method is Divine downloads from Source.

The JOY Method is the first step where you CLAIM your own GREATNESS.

The JOY Method is your own revolutionary act against your fears, your doubts, your worries.

The JOY Method is your own sanctuary of courage.

The JOY Method is your space to let it rip.

The JOY Method is your container to FULLY BE YOU!

Unconventional, out of the box, the odd bird, the YOU that you know you are at your core.

The JOY Method is where you tear that damn cage open and ANNOUNCE to the world that you are here.

Get ready to be stripped naked to your core.

Get ready to get raw.

Get ready to love every inch of your soul.

Get ready to SOAR.

This is for you if –

You’re ready to trust your intuition.

You’re ready to quit your corporate job to do something that lights your soul.

You’re ready for an one of a kind life experience.

You’re ready to face your fears and make peace with them.

You’re ready to evolve, transform, and let it rip like a wild, Divine, precious, one of a kind human that you are.

You’re ready to say yes to your core, your heart, your soul.

You’re ready to allow, trust, and dance with the rhythm of the Universe.

You’re ready to let go of your excuses.

You’re ready to OWN WHO TF YOU ARE!

The energy that I feel in my body, my heart, my soul as I type is exquisite, delightful, joyful and a turn-on of my soul. That is core of The JOY Method. That is the essence of The JOY Method.

Here’s my promise to you –

I will hold space for you to discover yourself.

I will call you out when I know you’re speaking from fear instead of heart.

I will show up fully.

I will walk next to you while you uncover the magic that lies within you.

I will hold you accountable for your goals and desires.

I will awaken the Divine, wild, beautiful spirit within you.

I will be present, honest, authentic and raw.

I will show up with courage.

We will co-create together.

We will expand together. We will heal together. We will evolve together.

We will transform together.

It’s time to be your own heroine.

It’s time to be your own hero.

Are you ready?

The JOY Method starts in less than 7 days on July 15th, 2020.

This isn’t a head decision, this is a HEART decision.

It’s either a HELL YES or no. It’s simple.

It’s either time to crack open, transform, let it rip or not.

You know what your intuition is telling you.

What’s next?

>> Say HELL YES, I’m in! Click here and WELCOME!!!!

>> Schedule a call with me to get your questions answered

>> Make the decision that this isn’t for you.

You know already what you want to do.

Take action and let it be done.

I love you and I’m sending you lots of joy + light your way!

If you’re in then WELCOME delightful human! This journey that we’re about to start will change the course of your life.


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