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Miracle mornings is a daily written journal exercise meant to create more of that you wish to bring into your life. We've all heard the truth that says: where your attention goes, your energy flows, right? We know that everything is energy and we know what we want to create more joy and happiness in our lives, yes? Okay, stay with me and keep reading. Miracle mornings is a tool that allows to you shift your focus, your attention, your energy to what you want. Once you give less attention to the challenges in your life and you give more focus to what's working for you, then everything changes.

HOW DOES IT WORK? // Every day, ideally when you wake up and before you check your phone, you are going to free-flow write. This takes maybe 10 minutes at the most and I KNOW you spend at least 10 min on Instagram when you wake up ;) so chop, chop, start creating your miracle life today. >> Write in the past or present tense, so the idea is that you've already lived it, it has already happened. You would write: "I feel strong in my body, my thoughts are joyful and I am so happy that I got the promotion!" Instead of "I will feel strong in my body, I cannot wait to get the promotion" -- see the difference? >> You can be as creative as you want to be, think as big as you want to. For example: you can write about this beautiful beach front home that you bought that smells like salt in the air and every year, you invite your family to stay in that beautiful home for Thanksgiving. (yes, this is definitely in my miracle mornings). Or it can simple such as: "I woke up feeling energized, excited and eager to start my day." It can be as combination or both, the idea is to have fun with it! >> Miracle mornings are at least 1 or 2 paragraphs, you want to get into that feeling of having your desire already accomplished! >> Write about what you want to call into your life whether it's weight loss, new relationship, a job that you love, a home that you feel so cozy to be in -- anything you want. >> Then commit to do this, every day for 30 days! The key is in repetition and consistency. The idea is the more you write about this joyful life, the more you focus on the amazing things that are happening to you, the more you will bring that in >> Lastly, something I started doing recently, is reading my miracle mornings at night-time before falling asleep. This allows for this information to seep into your subconscious and start creating a new reality.

BTW, I share a lot more about the conscious versus subconscious state of mind in the JOY Method! Click here to learn more about The JOY Method & to enroll in the next round!

MY MIRACLE MORNING: In the name of vulnerability, openness and inspiration, I wanted to share my own miracle morning from this morning :)

Today, I decided that I'm entering in a light, fun, happy phase in my life and so it is.

I woke up feeling refreshed and eager for the day to start. It was such a wonderful and easy morning, light rain with a chill in the air.

I feel so strong in my body, I have discovered how to be in the ideal weight by just listening to my intuition! I journaled, I loved my body and the foods I ate, I nourished myself in the kindest way possible and here I am...feeling lean, slender and so strong! What a delicious and wonderful feeling. The more I live, the more I realize how easy things can be attained just by truly following what feels joyful, thoughts and speaking what I want. This life truly is a miracle!!

The new round of the JOY Method is about to start. I am so beyond honored to be doing this work with them. I know the synergy we will create will be magical and life-changing. To think back of when and why I created the JOY Method and then to be here...DOING IT! WOW!

On other news, my husband and I are in such playful and joyful journey of our relationship. We are flirty and playful with each other. We've learned how to let each other in when we're going through a challenging time and it's been a beautiful journey together. Our little family is growing and we couldn't feel more loved and supported by each other.

I am dancing with JOY over this life! it's delicious, wonderful, exciting and so so gentle!



There it is, my sweet friends. So what do you say? Ready to start your own miracle mornings and creating your dream life? Let me know if the comments below or go to my latest instagram post and let me know! I want to hear from you!

May you always follow your joy!

x, Stéphanie


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