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Get cozy and welcome to Zen Sundays with Stephanie - a place to be yourself, connect with like-minded people and feel confident to take on whatever comes your way!

A lot of us get the Sunday Blues and feel stressed about the week ahead. Zen Sundays gives you the space to feel at peace and connect to your inner warrior to know that you can accomplish anything that comes your way!

Watch the first-ever Zen Sunday segment as I talk about the few gems below to help you feel confident for the week ahead!

  • Calming & healing benefits of meditation

  • A meditation to clear any blocks and nurture your self-empowerment

  • 3 easy tips that you can incorporate to your weekly routine

Hope you loved the video as much as I did! It was my first-ever Zen Sunday segment on Facebook Live and I had a blast! As promised in the video, here are all of the details of my favorite Zen tips that I shared in the video!

  • MY FAVORITE TEAS - I love both Peppermint tea & Lemon Balm teas. They are caffeine-free and are great to add to your afternoon routine to help you relieve anxiety and feel calm. Here are the benefits of these healing herbs

- Lemon Balm has a wide range of health benefits and has high levels of antioxidants. It helps relieve anxiety and reduce stress. Lemon Balm has a known reputation as the "Elixir of Life" herb because of its healing properties. I recently discovered it and it's

become a staple in my life - I simply love it & highly recommend it!

- Peppermint is refreshing and a calming herb that helps reduce inflammation and

soothes the body and mind. A personal all-time favorite of mine!

  • POWERFUL CRYSTALS - I am a big fan of crystals and have been using them for years. I keep a few on my desk and in my purse too! Crystals carry a subtle vibration which bring out particular qualities and open the gate to spiritual understanding. I shared Rose Quartz in this segment because it was my very first crystal and it has special meaning for me.

Here's a bit more about Rose Quartz and its benefits:

- Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. I loved the meaning

for Zen Sundays because it embodies the purpose behind it.

- It purifies and opens the heart to bring inner-healing and self-love.

- Whenever you're feeling anxious, just hold it and know that you're protected and you

can get through whatever your going through!

- Zen Tip! Remember to always cleanse your crystals when you purchase new ones. Just

soak them overnight in a bowl of water with himalayan salt. Once you incorporate

them in your life, cleanse them once a month. I always cleanse my crystals on the full

moon. I leave them soaking overnight in a bowl of water with pink himalayan salt on a

window seal.

  • MUSIC & DANCING! I wanted to share Zen Sundays with Stephanie Spotify playlist. It has all of the songs that I placed during the meditation and segment so you listen to them any time you need to help relax and feel centered. Make sure to follow me so you can get all of the latest songs!

Join me live on Sunday 2/26 at 5:30pm EST on my Facebook page for the next segment of Zen Sundays! It's going to be amazingly empowering and so much fun!

Dear reader, I hope this serves you and empowers you to lead a fulfilled life!

Much love!



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