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Resistance. Frustration. Tantrums.

We have all experienced them and can relate to how self-defeating those moments can be,

You know those days where everything seems to be going the wrong way? From the time you wake up until you get home and take a hot shower while telling yourself I am so glad this day is over.

As I was finishing my morning meditation a few days before the first 2018 live episode of Zen Mondays & there it was…I immediately pulled out my journal and a pen because I received the strongest Divine flurry of messages which evolved into what I like to call golden-nuggets of truth that had to be shared with you, my dear reader.

This post is all about shifting our own concept of perception when we reach the WTF-WHY-IS-THIS HAPPENING-TO-ME-MOMENTS in order to turn it around and come ahead.

This rupture and moment of complete anger and frustration is a genius tactic that the Universe has set-up as a way to shake us up & grab our attention giving us the opportunity to have a breakthrough and up-level.

Now hear me out before you tune out because I promise there are some gems in here that you don’t want to miss.

In moments of high-stress, are you the type to say: Why is this happening TO me? Or Do you say: I wonder why is this happening FOR me?

That initial shift in how we perceive the situation changes the entire outcome. It lowers your defenses while increasing your curiosity which opens you up to become resourceful and in the process, find a solution to the challenge that initially triggered you.

As my mentor Gabby Bernstein says “The Universe is rigged to your favor.” Let’s play for a minute, let’s believe in that statement and take it as the truth. When you believe that the Universe is rigged to your favor when those WTF moments come up, the question you ask shifts and with curiosity you think to yourself “Why is this happening for me? What is the hidden message in this situation that I’m not seeing?” “How can I benefit from this?” It instantly becomes a game instead of a tantrum. Your sense of curiosity perks up and the energy around the situation shifts to a more playful vibe. In essence, you shift your perception which changes the situation immediately.

Think of those situations where you feel the most resistance, which could come in the form of anger or frustration as a ginormous light from the universal skies pointed at you as a way to get your attention and shake you up! The Universe has to do what it takes to grab your attention and trust me, it will.

Let me explain why is that so genius. From a psychology humans viewpoint humans only change when driven by pain or pleasure. There is no between. People don’t change when things are going steady and you are comfortable. So back to this genius tactic from The Universe, it must create an environment/situation where pain arises in order for us to pay attention. Makes sense, right?

What can you do with this golden nugget of wisdom next time you’re feeling resistant or having a moment of anger? Let me share clear steps that you can take in the next go-round of WTF-moments.

1. Next time you are ready to flip out and fully give in to your emotions, do that. Get pissed, release the emotion and honor it. Don’t judge your emotions because they are showing up for a reason. Always.

2. Take a deep breath and take a minute to acknowledge the situation. Be curious. Remember there is always wisdom in those moments that will help you up-level in your life.

3. From here 2 things can happen: You can immediately catch the lesson (go you!) or you can still have no idea why this is showing up. If that’s the case, humbly ask The Universe to guide you, say a prayer with the intention to get clarity behind the trigger. Ask to show you the lesson and why this knowledge will help you shift and grow as a person.

4. Trust the solution will come and be open to receiving. Yes, that's right let it go and trust it's coming because it will.

5. Finally always honor the situation for the wisdom is bringing you.

As an extra step, I always like to do a happy dance to my favorite music as it’s the fastest way to elevate your vibes while being grateful for the opportunity to grow during this experience.

If you tend to think that things are happening TO you but are ready to shift your perception then I’d recommend you start re-programing today with the steps I shared above. Don’t wait until you get angry to try it out for the first time. You can begin by waking up and thinking that the Universe is rigged to your favor and then go on with your day with that curiosity for the amazing things that it will bring to you.

Another way to start shifting your perception is that when positive or frustrating things happen, ask yourself “I wonder why this is happening FOR me?” Start bringing awareness and acknowledging that things happen FOR you not TO you.

Like Tony Robbins says “Change your perception, change your world”

Lastly, always remember a beautiful and powerful lesson from A Course in Miracles that says: The Universe will do for you what you cannot do for yourself. So when things begin to fall apart, it had to happen in order for you to re-align with yourself. Instead of looking like things are falling apart, be grateful that they are happening for you because otherwise you would have never changed. Like for example, quitting that comfortable high-paying yet soul-sucking job unless you would have gotten fired. Or you might have never broken up with that toxic boyfriend unless you caught him two-timing you. Catch my riff? Trust and believe that The Universe has your back!



Today’s meditation is designed to help you release resistance that you’re holding in your physical body. If you’re feeling physical aches or pains, it can stem from avoidance. Avoiding having that difficult conversation with your manager at work or avoiding standing up for yourself next time someone takes advantage of you. Or avoiding that knot in your stomach that is telling it’s time to break up with your boyfriend.

Because sometimes those things are scary and we don’t know how to go about it so our minds try to find a way to hide it for us in hopes to protect us from dealing with intimidating situations. But eventually that pain has to show up and it comes in the form of physical pains and aches.

Today’s meditation will help you scan your body and find any resistance so you uncover it and release it! It’s a beautiful way to heal from the pain as you release it and create space to move forward!

Watch here (begin at minute 19)

If you still feel resistant and a bit afterwards, at the end of the meditation I share a few steps that you can do to help you go deeper and a step further to continue releasing and healing.



This crystal is just amazing + has so many benefits that you can use while you’re doing this type of inner work.

  • Help you with self-esteem + confidence

  • Promotes joy, motivation

  • Magnifies your energy

Click here to watch the full LIVE Episode of this Zen Mondays segment and get all of the juicy details that didn't make it into the blog!

Now keep shakin' your energy + spreading those positives vibes!



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