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When it comes to certain cleaning habits, we can all be pretty structured in our own way. Whether it's showering, brushing our teeth, cleaning our home, doing laundry or washing the dishes - there's one (or many things) on that list that we can recognize as being "our thing" and we have little tolerance if it's out of order.

When it is out of order, it's easy to recognize it and fix it because it's tangible and external.

I bet you can only go for so long without fixing or cleaning one of the things that I mentioned before you're no longer willing to stand it (or smell it!)

However, when it comes to 'cleaning' our emotions and our energy, we are way more lax about it. And to be fair, it can also feel harder because it's not tangible so it can be more challenging to even recognize where to start.

Image by Karen Dugan via Pinterest

We're also a bit more willing to stay uncomfortable, avoid a subject, be in pain and just allow for the situation to continue without taking any action. Let it build up like a pile of dirty laundry.

Undoubtedly those untouched emotions begin to affect our energy, our behavior and our moods but somehow we still let it sit and collect dust. Hello, emotional baggage.

Within the last couple of years, I've made it a habit to not sit with an uncomfortable emotion, pain, avoidance for more than 48 hours.

OMG it's hard & it takes a ton of practice and discipline. Some days, I literally have to talk myself into this practice because all I want to do is A-V-O-I-D & N-U-M-B

But I know better and I say no to emotional baggage.

Today, I will show you how to clean your physical (easiest) & emotional (a bit harder) areas in your life so you can feel lighter, refreshed and on top of your world!

Let's get physical

Start by taking a quick look around your home, (if you're at work then picture your home). Your bedroom, closet, bathroom, kitchen, office area, do the whole tour.

What's the one area that even thinking about it makes you go "meeeeh" BINGO we can then begin:

  • Step #1/ Set a Date: Open up your calendar right now and within the next 7 days, pick a 2-hour window (this can be broken into 4 sections of 30 minutes), block the time and commit to cleaning up that area in your home. Yes, right now.

  • Step #2/ Prep & Plan: On your way home today, stop by your local drugstore and get plastic bags, paper towels and any other cleaning supplies that you might need. Feel free to get a bottle of wine and some snacks! (I love snacks)

  • Step # 3/ Accountability: Text a friend or call your Mom and share with them your commitment. Ask them to please hold you accountable and remind you! Or email me right now at empower@stephanievirchaux and let me know your date of when you're cleaning things out & I'll be more than happy to hold you accountable.

If most areas in your life are cluttered, how do you expect for the Universe to bring you new things? It's time to open it up, clear it out and that's how you begin creating space for new things.

Lastly, do like Marie Kondo says and give thanks to the things that you're donating or throwing away for the joy they brought you and then let it go #buhbye

Time to release that ol' emotional baggage

Looking at our emotions can feel intimidating and a daunting journey. Why would anyone want to do that?

Because F-R-E-E-D-O-M

I want you to picture all of these emotions like heavy ankle weights that you're carrying around every where you go. By keeping these emotions, you are dragging along these heavy weights for no purpose at all.

Why wouldn't you want to let go of old feelings that no longer serve you and are dragging you down?

For the second part of the cleansing, make time early in the day or a quiet Sunday morning and decide what's the heaviest emotion that you're holding onto. That experience that when you think about it, it makes you cringe.

Get your journal out and start writing past experiences that made you feel guilty, sad or things that you did and now regret. Just write it all down. It can be anything from:

> The last argument you had with your sister/brother/family member knowing that you were too harsh

> Staying in a relationship even though you know that it's not the right one for you

> Yelling at your mom and feeling guilty about it

> Holding yourself back from applying to a new job because you're afraid of rejection

After you have a list of things that feel heavy, take a look at the list and pick the one that you're ready to let go. Once you are clear on which experience and emotion you're ready to release, we can begin.

  • STEP #1 / Let it all out: Write yourself a letter of this experience and let it all out. Write down the ugly, the bad and the good that came from it. Write it all down (preferably in a paper not in your computer). All of the details, the shame, the pain - everything that's in your mind and heart that's tied to that experience.

  • STEP #2 / Compassion & Forgiveness: After all of the pain is on paper it's time for the magic step: Compassion and forgiveness. You want to then write to yourself how much compassion you have for the old you that allowed for this to happen. Forgive yourself and your actions. Have empathy and connect with your heart through it all.

  • STEP #3 / Visualize & Release: Gently close your eyes and bring into your imagination the person that was part of this experience. Whether you are asking for forgiveness or you are forgiving someone, imagine the encounter, the conversation the words. Bring the energy of love into the visualization and allow that energy to melt all of the anger, guilt and resentment. Finish the visualization hugging each other, forgiving each other & thanking one another for the growth.

  • STEP #4 / {Optional} Burn the letter that you wrote. Burn it feeling grateful for the experience, releasing karmic agreements and sending love to all involved in the experience. When I burn these letters, I always play joyful music because this is a celebration of new beginnings!

Clearing space in your home and clearing out your emotions it's so important because it opens up space energetically for the desires that you want.

This is your time to clear it out & then tell the Universe to BRING IT!

If your emotions are clogged up, your home is full of things that are messy and that you don't need, just sitting there taking up space, it's going to be VERY HARD for you to create new desires, new opportunities, new jobs, a new relationship.

Start cleaning up today and make it a habit.

Every time, I want to create new things, the first thing that I start with is cleaning my home, my desk, my computer files, my closet and then I clean out my emotions.

This works every single time.

I'd love to hear from you! What did you think of these steps? Did you try them out? Comment below or send me an email at

May you always follow your joy!


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