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GUIDED MEDITATION // Clear your Energy + Forgive the Past

Enough of holding back.

Enough of holding onto to anger from the past dictate our present moment.

This is the time to release, forgive and let go.

It's time to create space for our desires right now!

It's time to stop fighting for our pain and instead stand by our dreams.

This guided meditation will give you *goose bumps* because it came from the heart. During this meditation, I focus on:

>> Clearing old and stagnant energy

>> Forgiving past situations that holds us back

>> Releasing anger and pain from the past

>> Forgive those who have hurt you

Ready to zen out? Click below and get ready to release, forgive and re-energize your life!

I have heard from people who did it that they found the meditation to be refreshing, calming and powerful!

It's about 15 to 20 minutes long, now it's time to get comfy and zen out.

Did you do meditate with me? Would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts below!

May you always follow your joy!

Note: The contest I share before I begin the meditation is no longer valid.


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