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The Full Moon is the best time of the month to release what no longer serves you. It’s the last cycle of the moon which is why it’s the ideal time to leverage that energy of the moon and let go of what we’re holding onto and create space for the new. Today, I want to share with you my favorite Full Moon ritual that you can do tonight on your own or with your friends. Tap into this beautiful, powerful energy, release the old and open space for the new!

Ready to create your own at-home ritual? Remember, there isn't a wrong or right way to do this, it's all about what feels right and joyful to you! Follow these easy steps and above all: HAVE FUN!!!

Let's get started! Few things that you'll need: >> Candles, incense, palo santo or sage >> Paper & favorite markers >> Lighter/matches Turn up your favorite tunes. light a candle or sage and let's begin: Step 1: Write down up to 10 things that you are ready to release and let go. This can be anything from behaviors/habits, situations, resentment, friendships, addictions, anger -- anything that you are ready to release. Step 2: When you are done, write at the bottom of the sheet of paper "I am ready and willing to release what no longer serves me with grace and ease. And so it is. It is done. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Step 3: This is an optional step but it's one I love to do. When you're done writing the 10 things that you're ready to release, you want to burn that paper. I usually stand by the kitchen sink and let it burn on the sink. While you're burning it, you want to send it a lot of love, light & forgiveness. Step 4: Turn up the music & dance! You want to feel what it's like to have to released those things. Imagine your life now what's it like knowing in your bones that you no longer have those negative habits/behaviors or feelings as part of your life. Celebrate that release! BONUS TIP! Do you have crystals? If so, this is the perfect time to place your crystals by your windowsill where the moon light shines on them and leave them overnight. I always set an intention such as "Thank you magical moonlight for removing any lower energies on my crystals with ease and grace" That's it! Like I said earlier in the email, have fun with this process!

Light up some candles, get some tea or wine and honor yourself during the process. You can go as deep or light as you wish! If this is getting you excited and you're thinking "I am so in!" then email me at & let me know!!! There's nothing more powerful that sharing the energy of the Full Moon with fellow humans that share the same joy around it!

May you always follow your joy!


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