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Hot off the press! This #fridayfave edition is all about self-empowerment & raising your energy vibes during this time of year. Because although the holiday season is all about family, giving & snuggling it can also be a time of stress as the year is wrapping up with work deadlines, traveling and shopping to be done.

As having my own business, closing the year and planning for 2018 has felt like a whirlwind the past couple of weeks, I decided to make a conscious choice to not let this time a year be another thing that feels I can’t control or become too stressful because seriously...I am all about the holidays!

I chose to inspire myself, to truly enjoy the last month of the year with self-reflection, hustling and a lot of dancing! So here it is, the latest edition of #fridayfave include a mix of music, dancing & self-care.

Spiritual Gangster Clothing - #fridayfave because I am all about empowering myself & everyone else around me! Yup, as an empowerment coach I walk the talk ;-)

I’ve been obsessed with Spiritual Gangster for a while BUT it wasn’t until a few months ago that I felt drawn into wearing their stuff on a daily basis. It’s both super comfy but powerful as hell! Even catching a glance of myself in the mirror wearing my #WARRIOR tank gives me an extra pep in my step because it reminds me of how I feel about myself and the journey I’ve taken. Those bursts of confidence throughout the day are key to keep your energy high while spreading those positive vibes around you so here’s to #goodkarma

Dance Breaks - #fridayfaves because music is the fastest way to elevate your spirit and cultivate joy!

If you follow me on Instagram (@stephanievirchaux) you have probably seen me a few times turning the music up and taking a dance break on camera! It's silly, playful and it totally re-energizes me. If I’m ever in a funk after a long workflow or if I feel my energy is slowing declining, I turn up some tunes & shake my boootay! It always works like magic! Body movement is the fastest way to allow the emotions to flow through you instead of being stuck in your head with thoughts that are going in circles with no solution in sight #useless PLUS who has time for all that non-sense? And music is the quickest way to connect to your heart and activate joy so there you go, turn it up, shake that boootay & move through the funk! Would love to see your dance moves! Tag me on Instagram next time you have a dance break!

Dr. Bronner’s Body Wash - #fridayfaves because it’s good for your skin and it smells oh-so-delicious!

My husband and I recently decided to start switching products we use on a daily basis to more natural ones with less chemicals. We began with deodorant (highly recommend the one called Thai, as a cycling instructor, I promise you it WORKS!) so next on the list was soap/body wash. Dr Bronner’s was an instant match, the ingredients are natural, good for your skin AND in addition the scents are delicious. You guys know I’m a big fan of aromatherapy and this product makes the top of my list. When I’m aggravated, can’t concentrate or just need a break, I take a quick shower and use Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Body Wash and immediately feel refreshed and energized! You can find Dr Bronner’s at any drugstore or Amazon.

{Want to learn more about the power of your scent? Click here to read my post about stimulating your senses}

As my latest song obsession (Fool by Fitz and The Tantrums) is blasting on my iPad, I can’t help but smile and do a little shimy-shake before I head out to teach my Friday evening cycling class which in my opinion is the best way to start the weekend!

Keep shakin’ & spreading those positive vibes!




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Sign up to receive all the details! This will be a no-charge event so you got nothing to lose and get ready to set your desires for 2018!


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