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It seems that the more the world awakens, the more we find ourselves questioning our lives, our jobs, not knowing what to do with all the internal noise leaving us feeling lost on how to go about figuring it all out.

So where do we start?

We start by making a choice, it always starts by making a choice.

Are we ready to make a change, transform, dig into our hearts & our thoughts to finally get the clarity and the inner stillness that we so badly crave?


Not. Maybe we continue in the path of lack of clarity, put the confusion aside and just focus on the things that are bringing happiness and joy today in this moment.

It's your choice.

I've done both in the past and either choices are valid and "right" - there isn't a wrong way. What's important is not to dwell in the middle.

Dwelling in the middle //

Ah the dreadful middle where you're still telling yourself that tomorrow you're going to hire the coach, find a therapist, start to listen to your intuition or make a decision about quitting your job. But when the next day comes, you find yourself going back to your old habits, numbing and letting life pass you by.

That dreadful in between is well, dreadful.

It eats you up everyday slowly like a torture chamber. You put a smile for others, do the right thing, fill your calendar with endless amount of work and events and do whatever it takes to avoid looking within and realizing that this is not the life you ever wanted.

As you're reading this, if this resonates with you: Make a choice RIGHT NOW.

The choice is either: begin to make a change as small as it might but begin. Or stay where you are and not change until you get more clarity on what to do. Because there is something to be said about moving ahead before we are ready. If you keep trying to make the same change again and again but are not finding success then that's very well a sign that you're getting ahead of yourself.

But either way, make a choice and commit to it ending the cycle of dwelling.

What does a Blue Jay have to do with it? //

As I'm writing this blog, a beautiful blue jay came to say hi on my windowsill. I immediately looked up the angel meaning of blue jay and let me tell you my jaw dropped.

CLARITY is a symbol of blue jays...WHAT! I am literally channeling an article about clarity and this little angel came to my windowsill. So what's the message that came through from the blue jay?

In order to get the clarity that you are seeking follow your joy.

That's exactly what I got as soon as I asked my Angels what the meaning this divine appearance was.

So how you can get clarity by following your joy? //

>> Every day when you wake up, tell yourself that today's intention is to get clarity by following your joy. Simple as that.

>> Throughout the day, you might get frustrated by other people, get distracted by the world around you and when you catch yourself feeling off, remind yourself "today I am finding clarity about _______ (mention what you want clarity about) by following my joy."

>> After work, whether it's a walk in the park, yoga class, gym or a happy hour. Ask yourself: will this activity bring me more clarity in a joyful way? If you feel it internally as a yes, you'll know and go for it! If it's a no, do not do it. Do not make yourself do something that is not aligned with your intention.

The more you do this, the more you practice, the easier it will become. The quieter your thoughts become, the easier will be to hear your intuition guide you to get the answers of what you're seeking and you get the clarity that will guide you in the right direction for you.

It's all about trusting the journey and truly savoring the process.

One last word of advice: this is a solo-journey. Learning how to listen to your intuition and getting clarity is a journey within yourself. Don't ask your friends/partner what they think you should do! It's all about YOU! Trust yourself and have fun with it!

Would love to hear from you! Share with me in comments below your thoughts about this article and ways in which you've found clarity.

May you always follow your joy!


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