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Mid-week is the perfect time to revisit your Zen, re-charge your batteries and finish the week strong!

The latest segment of Zen Sundays is all about:

  • Self-awareness and understanding ourselves a bit better to know why certain situations or people frustrate us and how to take positive action.

  • Meditation if you're feeling stressed and will leave you feel lighter and relaxed.

I’m proud to announce a collaboration that you will LOVE! I got so many comments on the “Faith it ‘til you make it’ frame that I posted a few weeks ago on Instagram that I partnered with my friend who owns Moose Oliver Designs and she makes these beautiful frames! Keep reading and get more details below!

Moose Oliver Designs Hand-Made Frame


Ready for some powerful knowledge that will transform your day-today? It all comes down to your values.

Values are principles in which we all live by. When your values are being respected you feel optimistic, happy and mostly importantly driven to take positive action. When your values are being disrespected, you might feel frustrated and this causes to take action to avoid something or someone.

If you’re values are creativity, honesty, authenticity and openness when those values are being honored by your family, friends, work environment, it will drive you to take positive action. This positive action can be in terms of feeling happy, continuing your workout routine, helping around the house and so forth.

However, if those values are being disrespected, it’s going to throw you off, you’re going to feel frustrated and this will cause to take action to avoid someone or a situation. This avoidance can result in you avoiding your family during the holidays or if you’re around them you’ll give them the silent treatment or even drinking to avoid thinking about it.

Make sense why it’s so important to know your values?

The genius of this knowledge is that you automatically take control of your emotions

rather than your emotions taking control of you.

Once you are consciously aware of your values, you can bring that awareness to your daily life. If you feel frustrated in that very moment, you can pin-point which value was disrespected and then make the choice to approach the person or choose not to. The genius of this approach is that you automatically take control of those emotions and then you choose what to do with them instead of spending the rest of the day feeling frustrated but not knowing exactly why…which is not very productive.

In the case that I mentioned earlier, if openness is one of your values and let’s say you go to your aunt’s house for a family gathering, I'll share with you 2 scenarios giving you different outcomes. One outcome happens when you’re not aware of your values (can you guess the outcome?) and the other scenario is when you’re aware about your values and you make a conscious-decision…it changes the whole situation, not to mention your energy sky-rockets!

You’re feeling a little bit off and not quite like yourself but you’re not sure why. You’re not feeling talkative and everyone keeps asking what’s wrong. (Can you relate?)

SCENARIO A: When you’re not aware therefore not conscious about your values, this is how a gathering at your aunt’s house goes.

You’re feeling a little bit off and not quite like yourself but you’re not sure why. You’re not feeling talkative and everyone keeps asking what’s wrong. You wish everyone would you leave alone and you’re started to get frustrated and can’t pin point why you’re so mad at everyone! You love your family and want to tell them about your latest endeavor to go to bartending school to save money for your dream vacation to Bali! You keep thinking about telling them and sharing the exciting plan but you don’t want to hear their opinions since you’re doing it anyways and you’ve made up your mind. But you still want to share with them….this little back and forth in head goes on the whole afternoon. You end up getting mad at everyone for asking if anything was wrong and you storm off…

SCENARIO B: This is how a gathering at your aunt’s house goes when you’re aware of your value therefore you make a conscious-decision around your value of openness.

On your way to your aunt, you decide that although you love sharing and being open with your family about personal endeavors and the latest happenings in your life, you make a conscious decision not to share today since you’re not ready to share and honestly you don’t feel like telling them either because you know they won’t like the idea of you bartending. You’re happy with your decision and you know you’ll tell them at some point but today you want to just spend time with them, see your family and enjoy all of the delicious food! You’re excited to see everyone since it’s been a few weeks since you saw them all! You get there, you’re happy to see your nieces and nephews, you have a great day and on your drive home later in the afternoon you’re smiling and blasting music and thinking how lucky you are to have such an awesome family!

Would you agree what a difference having awareness around your values can have on your life? I’m sure you can think of plenty of scenarios in your life when something similar has happened. But now since you’re aware of the importance of values, you can start creating a life with more awareness and making conscious decisions which will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Are you feeling as excited about how much your life can rapidly change by

just knowing your values?

Here are easy steps to take to start making conscious decisions and honoring your values:

  • Take 10 minutes tonight before going to bed and write down 5 to 10 things that you value the most.

  • Once you decide which those values are then a little experiment:

- Keep an eye and watch when you get frustrated or are feeling annoyed & then try to

pin-point which value is being disrespected.

- Do the same but when you’re feeling happy and excited, do the same and pin-point

which value is being honored.

  • About a week or so later, after you feel you’re comfortable with your values and how you react in different situations, start making conscious-decisions how you want to take action in situations or with people when your values are being disrespected. Capish?

Isn’t this JUST AMAZING?!?!?! I’m so beyond excited to share this information with you and why I fell in love with coaching! I would love to hear your comment on the topic of value! If you try the experiment, share on my Facebook page or email me!

Feeling anxious or stressed about a particular situation?

The powerful meditation in this segment will work wonders and will leave you feeling lighter and relaxed.

Zen Tip! If you want to go straight to the meditation, go to minute 5:50 on the video. It’s about 8 minutes or so.

Last but definitely not least, I am SO EXCITED to announce a new collaboration with my friend Jenna who owns Moose Oliver Designs! I got so many comments on the Faith it ‘til You Make It frame that I asked her if she would give my readers a discount and she said yes! More details below! Ask & you shall receive.

Wishing you a week full of feel-good vibes!

Be well -




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