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There are less than 2 weeks until 2018 & I keep thinking about a quote I read on Instagram that said something along the lines of don’t begin 2018 with 2017 leftovers.

Although it was a one-line sentence, it packed a punch for me! It got me thinking on what those ‘leftovers’ were & what could I do to truly begin with a fresh slate for the new year?

Reading this triggered something within me which automatically

prompted me to take action in being more proactive on a daily basis & tackle those little things I keep putting off and suddenly become a pile of to-do’s #WHATADRAG

So even though I haven’t fully cleaned out my 2017 "leftovers" I have been journaling A LOT and writing down everything that comes to mind that feels dragging or unresolved with the intention to clear out my head & then sort it out like when I do my spring closet cleaning but instead of TOSS or DONATE pile, I've been a diving the buckets between RELEASE & LET THAT SH*T GO or TACKLE/CRUSH IT!

Stay tuned for updates because this is for sure a work-in-progress.

However, the subject did inspire me for this #FaveFriday Edition which is all about things I can do today to reboot and recharge so I can truly enjoy the holiday season without letting #holidayanxiety creep in & party poop on my favorite time of year!

So, here it is! The latest #FridayFaves edition on all things to help you stay recharged during the holiday season!

Morning Energizing Meditation - #FridayFave because I am ALL ABOUT jump-starting my day on my terms.

You see, the first thing you do in the morning sets your internal tone for the entire day…because when you wake up you are calm and in touch with yourself after resting. Your frequency is tuned to the highest frequency so depending on what "tune in" first thing is the morning will be the frequency you will mostly likely be for the rest of the day. Yup, just like a radio frequency but in this case it's an energy frequency.

And...I can only speak for myself my friends, but I want to tune in to the HIGHEST frequency out there because I want to show up the best way I can on a daily basis with high-vibes & crush the day!

Think about morning meditation like your morning coffee & how it sets your day but for your energy. Do you want to have dirty-water-tasting-bitter-coffee? (Which honestly, it's pretty much downhill from there for the rest of the day) or do you want smooth-delicious-decadent coffee that leads to goal-crushing-type-of-day?

Starting your day with a meditation allows you to tune in to your highest frequency (think confident, kick-ass vibes) so the rest of your day, you carry that frequency which allows you to tackle your day from a place of “I CAN DO THIS!!!!!”

So for you, my dearest readers, I recorded an AMAZING guided meditation (about 6 minutes) and you can listen to it from your bed instead of aimlessly scrolling on insta which is really #useless & let's be honest, you spend more than 6 minutes on social media in the morning. So what do you say & give it a try for the next 7 days & notice how your day begins improving little by little.

Click here for the morning meditation! Click play, relax and tune in.

Runa Clean Energy Drink - #FridayFave because it’s a natural pick me up drink with all the sparkles + fizz without the nasties.

I am for sure, hands-down a caffeine-lover! I love a strong cup of black-coffee in the morning and some type of tea in the afternoon. I am always looking for healthy, clean and delicious drinks and on my last trip to Whole Foods I came across these Runa Drinks which immediately caught my attention because the energy comes from ONE single ingredient: a leaf called Guayasa.

You can read all about it here.

I got a few flavors and have been trying them this week & I have to tell you…they are SO GOOD! First of all, they taste clean without a nasty aftertaste. I am no health-certified expert but I can tell you that I understand all of the ingredients in the label!

I feel a subtle energy kick, consistent focus without the crash-and-burn. My favorite flavor was Blood Orange but they also have Berry & Lime.

Here are the things that I LOVE about Runa & why I highly recommend you drink it before you head out to finish your holiday shopping!

  • The name of the brand: Runa which I learned that it means Fully Alive! And this time of year…who doesn’t want to be fully alive?

  • THE PACKAGE! I confession, I am a Brand + Marketing geek but really who doesn’t love consumer products that are both great & also visually stimulating? This one has both.

  • Last but not least, it’s Non-GMO (YES!) and each can has 150g of caffeine ‘nuff said.

Quick check-in with yourself - #FridayFave because most of time we are so busy with everything we have going on externally that it ends up leading to being so disconnected with how we are feeling internally = our emotions run rampant without any adult supervision which leads to #anxiety.

I know it may feel easier to stay busy & continue running around checking things off the never-ending list (aka: avoidance) but I promise you that a few hours with yourself, checking in with your feelings, your goals, being proud of your accomplishments in 2017 will give you the boost and refresh to truly enjoy this time of year 🎄

Here are a few questions to help you check-in with yourself:

  • What are you most proud of in 2017? Go ahead! Write it down, savor it, feel the feelings of bad-assery & indulge. No guilt allowed.

  • What are you most excited about & looking forward to in 2018?

  • What is that one thing that you’re ready to own in 2018? You know, the one thing that you want to improve. Also, include why it's important for you to overcome it.

Side note: Don’t worry about finding a solution or how you will overcome it. Just the action of writing it down will help by kick-starting your brain into looking for solutions. Just get it out of head & open up that space for new possibilities. Be crystal clear on what you want to achieve because this will activate the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in your brain which basically its job is whatever you’re focusing on to make it happen. Focus on success = creates success. Focus on what’s missing = creates more of it.

Interested in learn more about the science behind RAS? Check out this awesome video which explains a bit more on how the brain works & how you can use it to your advantage to crushing your goals!

Lastly, take a look at your week, pick a date in the calendar before 2018 & block at least one hour...light some candles, pour your favorite wine + turn up that Spotify playlist that just makes you feel joyful & decadent 💫 Doesn’t it just thinking about it, feel relaxing & indulgent? 😍

Alright my friends, I hope these tips help you reboot, re-charge so you can truly enjoy all the amazing people that you have in your life during this special time of year!

Keep shakin’ & spreading those positive vibes!




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