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This Zen Sunday is all about cleansing your energy and expanding your inner light! In this segment, I dive into a few gems described below to help release any tension and make room for greatness!

  • Powerful Golden Light Meditation to activate your enlightenment and nurture your inner wisdom

  • My favorite energy mists that help shift your energy and vibe higher

As we know, energy attracts like energy so the focus of this Zen Sunday is all about cleansing your energy and expanding your inner light so you align with your desires and go after what you want!

Hope that you enjoy the tools that I share in this segment of Zen Sundays. It's time to raise your vibes and spread it all around!

Get cozy and listen to this short and powerful Golden Light Meditation any time that you’re feeling a little off centered. It’s also a great way to incorporate it into your daily morning routine so you can start your day feeling centered and aligned with your desires throughout the day.

  • Zen Tip: Use the energy you felt during the meditation to motivate you to continue moving forward by taking action in ways that support your goals.

Energy Mists are one of my favorite things that I have been using for many years and have always found them very powerful. You can think of them like the extra shot of espresso that you add to your morning coffee to kick things in gear! Here are some of my favorite ones!

  • Infinite Love by Lotus Wei Mist: This mist is all about attracting love and magnifying your beautiful energy and charm!

- Perfect to use well… all the time! But really this is great mist to use when you feel like your

energy is being sucked and when you want attract love and affection. Spray gently on your

face and all around your personal space.

- Smells sweet and delicious all around like a rose garden in full bloom

- Benefits of my fave ingredients: Pink Lotus which ignites inner wisdom and spiritual understanding. Pink Magnolia which is all about feeling complete and taking time to take care of you

  • Elevate by Modern Ritual NYC: This mist is like having your very own personal energy cleanser in your pocket! It helps clear out any negative energy and elevates your vibes.

- Perfect to use any time you’re feeling off and can’t put your finger on what it is. It clears

everything out, makes room for greatness and helps raise your overall vibrations. Spray

gently on your face and all around your personal space.

- Smells like a blend of woody, citrus with a hint of sweet lavender

- Benefits of my fave ingredients: Lavender essential oil which helps eliminate nervous tension and stress. Palo Santo which helps get in touch with your inner self, enhances creativity and raises your vibration

  • 21 Drops – Inspire: This essential oil blend helps release any blocks to get your creative energy flowing!

- You can use it multiple times a day when you’re feeling a bit blocked. It’s not mist but comes with a roller than you apply in your temples, wrists and I even put around my nose to stimulate all the creative juices!

- Subtle smoky-sweet scent

- My fave ingredients: I love the Black Pepper which helps release block energy. Cedarwood

which enhances confidence and helps to feel grounded. Sandalwood which helps quiet the

mental chatter and give creativity room to play and create!

Follow the Zen Sundays with Stephanie Spotify playlist, turn up the volume and let’s spread the positive vibes to those around us!

Know that within you, you have the power to make your dreams come true.

I hope this serves you and empowers you to lead a fulfilled life!

Join me live on Sunday 3/5 at 5:30pm EST on my Facebook page for the next segment of Zen Sundays! It's going to be amazingly empowering and so much fun!



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