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What a fun and energizing Zen Sunday! This edition includes top 5 scents to help you get back on track when you're not feeling ready or excited for the task ahead.

This easy guide that I created for you includes:

  • Top 5 common challenges/concerns that we all face during the week like frustration, stress and lack of clarity.

  • Top 5 scents to help combat those feelings and get you back on track so you can keep on shining!

FACT - The sense of smell is 10,000 more acute than all of our senses! So that’s why certain smells have the capacity to trigger the release of specific hormones that impact the way we feel and behave.

Why not use this amazing sense that we possess to our advantage?

The scents featured here range from body washes, oils and daily hand washes. The goal is to make it really easy for you to feel rejuvenated using common, every day products. Also, in case you’re not the oil-type-of-person then no problem! Use products that you love, the important component is the scent, got it? Now, let’s have some fun!

#1 Challenge: STRESS & LACK OF SLEEP

- Scent: Frankincense

- Smells woody, touch of sweetness with a hint of spicy attitude for good measure!

- Smelling this scent will help you by:

- Increasing blood flow and circulation

- Reducing inflammation

- Promoting relaxation and sleep.

Zen Tip! Using an oil or face product with Frankincense in it helps reduce skin discoloration and imperfections.


- Scent: Lemon

- Smells citrusy and clean

- Smelling this scent will help you by:

- Scattering confusion and facilitates clarity of thought.

- Cheering your mood even when things don’t go according to plan

- Having a greater sense of concentration + increase alertness

Zen Tip! Lemon is a natural disinfectant!

Zen Sundays recommended product: Lemon Essential Oil


- Scent: Grapefruit

- Smells citrusy, tart and refreshing

- Smelling this scent will help you by:

- Lifting you out of sluggishness

- Encouraging to re-boot the connection between mind, body and spirit which helps to move forward towards happiness.

- Balancing mood and promoting the release of anger and resentment

Zen Tip! Eat a grapefruit when you’re feeling stressed to give your immune system a boost!

Zen Sundays featured product: Kiehl's Grapefruit Body Wash

#4 Challenge: STRESSED OR SAD

- Scent: Neroli

- Smells citrusy and sweet

- Smelling this scent will help you by:

- Invoking a feeling of joy and happiness

- Driving away sadness

- Uplifting your overall mood

Zin Tip! Neroli is a considered an aphrodisiac. ‘Nuff said.

Zen Sundays featured product: Decleor Neroli Essential Serum


- Scent: Geranium

- Smells sweet and flowery

- Smelling this scent will help you by:

- Instantly calming your mind

- Restoring emotional balance

- Uplifting your mood by promoting positive emotions.

Zen Tip! If you consider yourself a workaholic, this scent is for you. If you feel a bit out of touch with yourself, using Neroli oil helps to stabilize the mind and enhances sensory perception and imagination.

Zen Sundays featured product: Mrs Meyer's Geranium Hand Soap

I’d love to know if you started using these scents and how they’ve helped you! Or you if you have other scents that you adore, please share here and spread the positive vibes! Share your thoughts and comments here

You know yourself best and what works for you! Use these Zen tips in ways that are easy for you to incorporate to your life and ways that you love and bring you joy!

I would love to hear from you! What have been your favorite Zen Sundays tips or meditations? Share what you've loved, what you know to learn more about and I'm on it! I want to support you!

Hope these tools help you feel calmer, empowered, giving you the confidence to lift your chin a bit higher when you wake up!

Know that within you, you have the power to make your dreams come true.

I hope this serves you and empowers you to lead a fulfilled life!

Always believe in yourself as much I do.




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