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This week's Zen Mondays was on fiiiire! The focus was on identity and how to release a part of your identity that no longer serves you. That part of your identity that is bringing you down and preventing you from achieving your goals and the success that you want.

If you think about it, we are always evolving, growing and that requires us to 'make room' within ourselves to create space for the new parts that are emerging. If we're not aware of this inner transformation, we can get stuck in a pattern of wanting to grow but feeling stuck in our same patterns which is so frustrating! By bringing awareness and understanding this transitional process, we are then able to much quickly and easily release that 'old' part of our identity and embrace the new parts that are coming to live = happiness & fulfillment! If you are struggling with releasing an old habit, a limited belief or just a part of you that no longer benefits you, this week's Zen Mondays is for you!

In the latest Zen Monday, I share with you 5 steps on how you can release that old part of your identity and make room for the new part of you that is wanting to emerge and grow.

I share with you:

>> How to identify which part of yourself is holding you back

>> How to find out the ways in which you're bringing to live that part that you're trying to release (ie: the ways in which you are self-sabotaging your growth)

>> How to understand your triggers and how to release them

Along with a few other gems that will allow you to embrace the parts of your identity that you love while releasing the parts that don't benefit you. The segment ends with a deeply peaceful meditation (about 6 minutes) that will leave you feeling grounded and connected to your inner being.

Ready to tune in & create your own Zen? Check out the latest Zen Mondays!

As always, I'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment or send me an email at!

Keep following your trail of joy! Always & in all ways!


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