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I am buzzing and feeling inspired to share with you this feeling of excitement around the topic of getting things done and doing things now.

As a thriving coach, I believe it’s important to always practice coaching tools and skills in order to continue growing as a coach and show up for my clients more powerfully. I have a weekly practice that I do every Monday to set the tone for the week. It consists of picking an iPec̽ founding principle (philosophies to coach and live by) that resonates with me the most and then practice it all areas of my life for that week. I write a post-it, put it on my laptop and keep it present all week. The one that caught my attention this week is “Now is all there ever is" and it's the one that I'm applying and practicing this week, starting right now by writing this blog & sharing this message with you!

In this blog, I'm sharing why this principle hit me to my core with the intention to inspire you to take action in your life right now. Also, I am giving you a 4-step process that I use with my clients to help build motivation when you’re trying to tackle a new task and you’re finding it difficult to take the first step. I only do this exercise with my private clients but felt compelled to share with you because by the time you’re done with the exercise, I know you’ll feel confident, motivated and ready to take action in the direction of your desired goal.

Do you ever find yourself in a state of mind filled with fear & self-doubt? As a new entrepreneur, this principle resonated with me because that's how I felt last week: consumed by fear-based thoughts and self-doubts which held me from taking action and truly doing what I set out to do which is working with people and giving them tools so they can feel empowered to thrive in their lives. When I saw this principle, I thought “if now is all there ever is, then why am I doubting myself and doubting the now?!?!?!” Why am I doubting this amazing journey? I wanted to look at the fear in the eye and shift the energy so I can continue doing what I love and transforming people's lives. I decided right then and there to take action which is what led me to write this blog and share a message of empowerment and self-reliance. How about we stop the self-doubts, reclaim our confidence and take action now?

Think of what you want to do, a desired goal that you have but fear is holding you back and stopping you from taking action? What is it that you want? The one thing that you can’t stop thinking about but you still haven’t taken the first step towards? The one thing that if you did today, you’d wake up tomorrow with your chin held high and beaming of self-pride. Whether your goal is writing your first book, signing up to become a certified trainer, writing your first blog or finally standing up for yourself in a work environment that is intimidating to do so; whatever it is that you’ve been wanting to do, the time to take action is now.

Here is a modified 4-step proven process from iPec that will help you build motivation to take on a new task by simply remembering success from a prior experience. The prior experience can be in any area and doesn’t have to be at all in the same area of the current goal. The results of this exercise will have you feeling stronger and motivated to act because you know that you’re going to be clear on the strengths that you have in order to accomplish your goal. Let’s get started.

Step #1 Think back to an experience in which you’ve had success. Think of an experience where you wanted to accomplish a new goal, do something new but it first started as something intimidating or a goal that seemed overwhelming and you weren’t sure what to do first

I’ll share an experience that a client recently shared with me during our private sessions. He wanted to learn how to dance specifically hip hop dancing. He was intimidated to dance hip hop in front of people. He was determined to learn how to dance because every time he went out with his friends and saw how much fun everyone was having dancing, he wanted to do the same and secretly he wanted to participate in dance-off battles at a local club in NYC.

Step #2 Now that you’ve thought of a particular experience in your life where you had success, think about why it worked well. What specifically about you made it work? List 4 to 5 skills that you used to achieve your goal in the previous experience where you were successful.

In the case of my client, he found success and learned how to dance my client had determination to learn and he was persistent, he didn't give up. He was driven to learn because he wanted to dance with his friends and wanted to have fun. The specific skills about him that helped him be successful were:

  • Determination: He was determined to so decided to do research and found videos on youtube that motivate him to learn which led him to then take classes.

  • Discipline: He was disciplined and blocked a few days a week that he dedicated to practice and practice.

  • Courage: After months of practicing, he decided to be courageous and one night all his friends wanted to go dancing and he decided to go for it! That night, they were all dancing and he joined them and even more so decided to participate in a hip-hop dance battle and he won!

Step #3 Last step is to think how you can use your strengths & skills that you listed above from your prior successful experience in order to achieve your current goal. In the case of my client, he wants to create a motivational group for men to feel comfortable to let “down their masculine masks” and be themselves. This was the first time that he was putting together a workshop and by doing this exercise, he felt motivated by remembering that he has determination to succeed and courage to put himself out there and do something that he believes will help others.

Now that you have all of this amazing insight about yourself and are aware of your unique skills, what’s the first step that you can take in order to get closer to your goal? Going back to the personal experience that I was sharing about my journey, the first step for me to is share this message with you. Not to let fear get in the way and self-doubt to cloud my passion. So here I am, I took the first step and wrote this article with the intention to empower you to take action. Believe in yourself and know that YOU TRULY HAVE ALL THAT IT TAKES WITHIN YOU to accomplish your goals and go after what you love. Do not let fear take over, rise up, take action and work through that resistance.

I’ve experienced that feeling of resistance and I know how hard and scary it might be. If you’re finding yourself resisting and scared or blocked, here’s a simple and powerful centering exercise that I learned from iPec to bring you peace and help move through the blocks so you can take action today. You can do this exercise as often as you want, specially on those days that you’re not feeling motivated at all (which is mostly stemming from a fear).

Today, I am no longer blocked by the patters and limitations I have accepted up until today. I release all worries, cares, fears and anything else that has held be back from expressing my true gifts. Today, I am renewed, ready, and able to change all I desire to change and so it is. I release all that I desire to release and accept all that is in my best interest to accept. From this point, I am always aware of the Divine guidance that flows through me, and I can remember that I am always, in all ways, greater than anything I could have believed…up until today.

Are you serious and determined to make your goal happen? If you are finding a lot of resistance around your goal – you know who you are – I want to help you. If you are TIRED of the same excuses and stories that you’ve been telling yourself and you are ready to take action, email me. I am willing to block an hour in my calendar for a powerful conversation and give you practical tools to take action towards your goal. I will take the first 7 people that email me at Write: I AM READY in the subject line. I am here to help you if you are ready to take action and make things happen.

I’d love to hear from you! Share your successes, what you learned from the 4-step process and let me know how you’re doing on my Facebook page. Also, remember you have the power to inspire others, if you think “no one cares about my progress” TRUST ME people do because by you taking action, you inspire them to take action.

Don’t ever give up on the things that light your soul on fire.

Be well -


*iPec stands for Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and is the Coaching School that I attended and received my Coaching Certification.


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