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The 2nd week of December is here and writing this #FridayFave blog has giving me the chance to be mindful and closely observe my behavior. To bring awareness around the things that bring me joy, the ones that trigger me & the things that I’m passionate to share with each of you!

The inspiration behind this #fridayfave edition was my own challenge this week: staying grounded & being present while tackling a ton of things that I want to finish before the end of year which I am sure every single person reading this can resonate with!

So here it is, the latest edition of #fridayfave - it includes a mix of zen, over-the-counter calm powder and feel-good actions we can do to keep it cool & joyful as a chapter ends and a new one begins…

Natural Calm Powder - #fridayfaves because I’m all about being stress-less!

They call it the “Anti-Stress Drink” & it’s a magnesium supplement that comes in powder form that you can add to hot or cold water. In a nutshell, it promotes healthy magnesium levels and balances calcium intake—helping you to feel less stressed and more relaxed. (Source:

I’ve been using it for about 2 months and I have noticed a difference, it’s subtle but consistent & I highly recommend for you to try it!

I drink the one that comes in a powder form with the natural flavor but they have flavored options as well. If you have any sensitivities, this should work for you as well since it’s vegan, gluten-free & verified non-GMO! I enjoy drinking it at night while I’m settling down before I go to bed #zzz

PS: I just noticed on their site that they are offering 40% off!

Kundalini Meditation to restore your energy - #fridayfaves because meditation. ‘Nuff said.

I love Kundalini for many different reasons but the main one? It’s practical & effective. The techniques are designed to make an immediate impact on your mind & body. Last week after feeling a funk for a day or two, I decided to do a Kundalini meditation live on Facebook to help others that were feeling the same restore the energy and release any stress. It was amazing and worked like magic!

Here’s the meditation for your my dear readers. If you want to go straight to where I begin the meditation then fast-forward to 3 min 05 sec.

BONUS Meditation to help you remove any stress & feel energized! Click here & fast-forward to 7 min 15 sec

Curious about Kundalini? Check out this article to learn more about this powerful & spiritual practice.

December New Moon Ritual to set Intentions - #favefriday because it’s time to get ready for 2018 & make it your most powerful year yet!

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings, hope, wishes, because it’s the first cycle of the moon’s various phases. It’s the ideal opportunity to plant the seeds and attract your desires by leveraging the moon’s powerful energy. Isn’t that amazing?!

The New Moon in December is this Monday 12/18! And if reading this has you all excited then sign up for my free New Moon Ritual Ceremony that I’m hosting online on Monday at 7:30pm EST.

You’ll get the chance to review this year, clear any negative pulls/regrets and set your intentions for 2018! Sneak Peek: The energy of this New Moon is all about focusing on the wisdom you gained this year & letting go what didn’t serve you! The energy is sassy, motivated & full of passion so you can end the year with a bang as you begin a new chapter! Are you in? Sign up now here & you'll get an email on how to prep before Monday.

Can't watch it live? No worries! You’ll get a link with the replay giving you time to write your wishes before you go to bed!

And my last but def not least #favefriday is Random Acts of Kindness.

How can you spread that fairy magical kind dust over the next two weeks? Paying for someone’s coffee? Leaving $2 taped to the vending machine and surprise the next person that comes looking for a snack? The options are endless and the reward of spreading those vibes is priceless.

Keep shakin’ & spreading those positive vibes!

- Stéphanie


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