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Are you savoring a new desire?

Have you been dreaming of creating something new in your life?

Or even wanting to find a partner or meeting new friends?

This is the post for you!

Letting go of things that no longer serve you is so important specially when you're in the process of planting a new desire.

We are energy and energy cannot be erased but it can be transformed. In this case, we are transforming the energy of our space in order to make room for our desires.

For example, if you want to meet new friends but you are a social butterfly and you are booked every day, then where is the space for new people to come into your life?

In this week's Zen Mondays, I share how you can create the space to call in the desires you want and it all starts with you.

This begins by taking responsibility and honoring where you are. Taking audit of your life and what are shifts you can start making in order to design the life you desire.

For example, if you are seeking a new job but you are a negative nancy about everything in your current job, it's going to be a lot harder to find a job. You can hustle and struggle and eventually you'll find a job or you can take action and make it easy and playful process. Your choice.

The reason behind the hard vs easy route is your frequency. Like I mentioned earlier, we are energy and our energy has a frequency to it. What's your frequency like? More specifically, what's the frequency like of the desire you seek? Fun, playful & excited or anxious, negative and needy?

The easiest way to shift your frequency to match what you desire is through appreciation. So in the example of looking for a new job, think about what can you start truly appreciating about your job today? It can include anything from having a health insurance to a salary that allows you to go traveling or anything that you can truly feel grateful and appreciative about.

Something to watch out for: Your emotions.

Let me share with you a little secret: The language of the Universe are emotions. So if you're saying 1,000 times how grateful you are for job but you don't mean it, you're going to keep attracting the emotions that you are feeling.

As your thinking about the things that you are grateful about your job, follow your emotions to gauge if you're on the positive or negative side of the spectrum.

What I'm saying here is don't fake it.

It might take a little practice at the beginning and if you're struggling a bit start asking "what are ways that I can be grateful for my job?" and see the hints that the Universe brings your way.

Now if this has you all excited and you want to go a bit deeper check out this video where I share the 5 steps on how to create the space for your desires to come true. Whether a new job, a relationship or more clients for your business, these steps work across all of those things.

Check out the video on how to create the space for your desires! I'd love to hear from you! What you thought about it and how it helped release any heavy energy and make room for you wants!

Be the light. Spread your light.


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