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☀️New month, new intentions☀️ I’ve been sharing my monthly intentions since January & it has been such a fulfilling process 💕 This month is all about going in, deeper while continuing following my trail of joy 😎 So here go my August #intentions

💕 July was my birthday day month & it was all about delicious indulgence + enjoyment so in August I want to re-shift my focus to honor the Universe by taking care of me. Through eating, sleeping, working out & so on. Keeping the Universe as a focus for my well-being grounds me in this journey. 🌸 I’m learning how to be present & less judgmental when I’m feeling off. So my intention in August is to stay curious in those moments of contrast. The lows don’t make me who I am. While feeling low ask myself “what’s trying to come out of this?” I read the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks & in the book he talks about moving through the challenges by being curious of the contrast instead of feeling defeated by it. So this month is all about curiosity during the more challenging times. I’m really looking forward to this experiment ✨ 🔆 Setting myself up daily through alignment, meditation & being consciously present throughout the day. When we are present and mindful of our thoughts, the ego chatter cannot take the front seat. So I chose my daily well-being and joy above all. (Ego, you can take the back seat in August #thankyou!) 🍍 This one is a biggie & a journey I’ve been one for a few months. TRUST + SURRENDER every moment of the day. Learning to trust myself while surrendering & allow all feelings to be. Less judgement, less shame & more love. I easily surrender & trust the flow of the Universe ❤️❤️❤️ What are your intentions for August? Share with me in comments below! 🎉Also! I am hosting a New Moon Circle in NYC in 8/11!!!

We’ll set our intentions during the full moon energy, we’ll meditate & surround ourselves with uplifting like-minded souls! Get your tix here! Cannot wait for this!!!

Keep following your trail of joy! Always & in all ways!



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