• Stephanie Virchaux


This week’s topic is one that I could personally talk about non-stop and I’m so excited to be writing and sharing this information with all of you!

Let’s talk all about crystals! Crystals, stones and minerals have been around since literally the beginning of time, the creation of earth. Crystals are the earth’s DNA, they hold so much wisdom and are used as a conduit of energy for healing.

Image Source: Instagram @SoulShineAstrology

The evolution of crystals has gone full circle and I am really excited that the past few years, they’ve become more mainstream and less witchy-woo-woo. I’ve personally been using them for years as I’ve always been attracted to them and that curiosity has led me to learn more and more about working with crystals. I use them as part of my daily routine as well as within my business when I do energy healing or home clearing for my clients.

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Let’s dive in to the topic of this amazing source that is available to us right now to help us heal, release what no longer serves us so we can lead a joyful life.

In this blog, I’ll share how to cleanse new crystals, what you can do to activate them (so they don’t just look pretty) as well as top 6 crystals that you can start using today to release anxiety, remove blocks and magnify your joy!


As I mentioned earlier, crystals are simply conduits of energy that aids and allows positive energy to enter your body as lower/toxic energy flows out of the body. There are thousands of various types of crystals and each of them have unique properties. they have their own 'superpower' and you can pick and choose them based on your own wants and needs.

Their main function is to cleanse energy and transmute negative energies to be vibrant, positive energy that serves you and the earth we live in. Pretty simple, right?

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When you get new crystals, it’s really important to cleanse them and clear out any energies as you don’t know what type of energy they’ve absorbed before you bought them. Think of this process similar to how you clean your new sheets before using them to remove the dust or just that smell of the plastic wrap? Same with crystals, You want to clean them out before you use them.

There are a few different & fun ways to cleanse your crystals, I’ll be sharing two ways that I use before I activate them with my intentions which I'll also explain in this article.

Let’s start with smudging: what exactly is smudging?

+ Smudging is an ancient ritual that uses plant medicine such as Palo Santo and Sage to clear out any lower vibrations and stuck energies.

+ Smudging is not only used to cleanse your crystals but you can also do it to cleanse your office or your home, I always smudge before and after I have people over my home!

+ Objects are not only physical but they also vibrate with invisible energy which is why smudging is ideal to do when you move into a new space or even when you feel heaviness in your home.

Palo santo which means Holy Wood (or Sacred Wood) is a tree and it’s found in the rainforests of South America. It’s in the same family as citrus and has similar notes of pine and lemon. The use of Palo Santo as part of spiritual cleansing has been done for many many years.

Image Source Pinterest/ Karen Dugan

Sage is another plant you can use when smudging your crystals as it helps cleanse and protect them. It has a bit of different scent than palo santo and it’s an indigenous american practice that has been used for thousands of years as a cleansing ritual to also remove lower energies and frequencies.

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Another great reason to use sage? The aroma of sage increases oxygen supply and produces muscle relaxation which helps release muscle tension!

How to smudge your crystals?

1. Gather your crystals and center yourself with your purpose and intention for the clearing. (AKA: The reason why you got the crystals, even if it's just for fun & to be playful. That counts too)

2. Turn up some fun music and light either sage or palo santo. Let the flame burn for a few seconds and then you can blow it out so the smoke can get going.

3. Use the smoke and move it around your crystals and you can either say a prayer such as “any lower energies are easily released and transmuted back to earth full of light and love” or visualize the energies flowing out and being recycled into joyful and loving energy.

Do this practice when you first buy the crystals and also ongoing. This is not a one-time practice. I always suggest to clear them once a month during the full moon. Smudge the crystals and then soak them in a bowl with Himalayan Salt and water and leave them by a window so they can receive the moon light. Always set your intention before you do this. The next day, you just release the water in your sink or garden and always say a little prayer such as ”The energies in the water are gently released and transmuted to positive energy”


Black Tourmaline >> Shift from heavy to lighter vibration

>> This crystal cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into lighter vibration

Main properties + ways you can use it:

+ Grounds all spiritual energy + balances your chakras

Use it when you're feeling off-centered to help you feel grounded yourself and re-connect.

+ Promotes self-confidence and diminishes fear

Put it in your pocket + bring it to the office! Specially for those days when you have a presentation or a big meeting.

+ Protects against electromagnetic smog

Electronics also carry a frequency and it tends to be a lower frequency which affects how we feel. Place it between you and your laptop to create a barrier and protect your energy.

Selenite >> All about deep peace & clarity of mind

>> Feeling confused? Or stuck? This crystal’s main property is to bring clarity and remove the confusion.