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We are on the final chapter of 2018 and with Thanksgiving around the corner, holiday parties, finishing personal goals, gift shopping and everything in between things can get overwhelming really quickly. I’d love to share a thought with the hopes that it inspires you to stay on your own lane instead of jumping into the holiday stress-craze. Consider that YOU have the power within you to choose your actions, your responses and say no as much as you want to. What if this year would be the year that you say yes more to the things that you *actually* want to do instead of the things that you believe you *must* do. Let’s start by beginning taking our power back now. Let's not make this another holiday season centered on complaining, venting and being the grouch. Are you ready? Because once we take our power back, we show up happier, we are more present and we are actually able to enjoy the holidays for what they are: a special time to cherish those around us and feel grateful for the blessings in our lives (if you're reading this email from a laptop or phone...#youareblessed). So let's get to it! In this latest Zen Mondays segment, I am sharing with you 5 techniques for you to start using today to help feel more present, more confident, remove the holiday guilt and ultimately lift your energy and spread your joy.

In this video, I talk about:

>> Exact steps on how to handle that frustrating aunt that asks you every year if you’ve gained a few pounds…or if you’re still single (auntie – if you’re reading this, please stop. Your comments are never motivating and make feel rather crappy. I much rather bond over the latest movie in theater or sneak in one of you favorite cocktails in the back porch)

>> How you truly be mindful about food you want to eat instead of emotional eat your way through the Thanksgiving table #nomoreguilt

>> How to take care of yourself during one of the busiest time of the year

>> A powerful exercise to help you actually be present with your family instead of stressing about all the things in your to-do list

>> A question that you can use daily to shift your actions & feel good about your decisions PLUS also help make a positive impact to those around you

>> Food sensitivities and how to have a happy belly during Thanksgiving! Trust me, I know. I was vegan for about 8 years and know all of the tricks to do and not feel left out

Plus I share with you answers to questions that you submitted through Instagram including how to have a happy Thanksgiving when you’re still mourning the death of a special friend or family member.

The purpose of this video is to share with you techniques so you can feel empowered this time of year! Not overwhelmed, anxious and stressed but instead so you choose to feel fulfilled, joyful and help spread those vibes to those around you.

You can try a tip a day for the next 5 days or spread them across the holiday season. The purpose is not to check them off the list but to start truly finding your inner joy and being present during this magical time of year.

Ready to watch? Click below!

I wish you each a wonderful Thanksgiving week & keep following your trail of joy! Always & in all ways!


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