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Even though my alarm went off at 4:44am (yes, I set my alarm using all Angel numbers!), I woke up excited, joyful and giddy! There was a buzzing energy in the air and I couldn’t wait to teach my 6am cycling class so I could spread those positive vibes to a packed room of early risers!

After class, I was walking home and I saw the most beautiful sunrise, The sun was a bright mix of deep orange, sparking yellow with a hint of gold and just majestic as it was rising above the Hudson River. It stopped me on my track and that’s when the idea of writing a Friday Favorite blog hit me so here I am with a warm cup of black coffee, acoustic tunes in the background while I type away my favorite things to share with you. It’s a mix of inspirational, practical and woo-woo/spiritual things which in my opinion, it’s a magical mix that I hope serves you as you continue in the pursuit of what sets your heart on fire!

Rose Quartz Crystal #fridayfaves because it helps to get in touch with your heart & intuition!

I’ve been meditating with this crystal the past few days as I’ve felt a bit blocked in my heart chakra. Crystals are powerful tools that when used with a set intention can do wonders with helping elevating your energy and strengthening your vibes.

{Curious about learning more about chakras? Check out my blog all about Chakras 101!}

Himalayan Salt Rock#fridayfaves because it helps detox the environment & remove those funky vibes!

Ah, this one is a staple on my desk. It has a little nook in the middle to put a tea candle and whether I light the candle or not, there is a certain essence and energy that keeps me grounded. Himalayan Salt Rocks have a ton of healthy benefits including increasing energy levels as well as soothing your environment.

Curious about learning more about all of the soul, body & mind benefits of having a Himalayan Salt Rock? Check out this super helpful article I found:

Pink Pomander by Aura Soma #fridayfaves because it cleans your aura & helps spreads loving vibes for yourself and those around you!

This one is a true and tested powerful potion! It’s my favorite because it carries the heart chakra energy which is all about self-love and acceptance. Establishing a cleansing aura practice is as critical as having a cleaning routine with your body such as showering and brushing your teeth! We are made up of energy both visible and invisible. Our bodies carry the physical energy that we see and our aura is the invisible part of our energy. Just like you bathe and clean yourself on a daily basis to avoid the build-up of dirt, you should do the same with your aura. This beautiful pomander helps you do that! It’s made with 49 herbal extracts that help strengthen your auras and chakras.

Aroma Diffuser by Stadler #fridayfaves because it stimulates my senses to enhance my moods & increase productivity.

I recently received it as a gift & I love it!!! I leave it on all day and it has been such a refreshing addition to have in my home. Depending on how I want to feel, I choose the oil whether is peppermint for increasing my mental alertness or Lavender to promote calmness and decrease stress after a long day, it has been hugely useful! Scent is the strongest sense that we have so if can stimulate it in order to benefit us while enhancing our moods and increasing productivity – I’m all in!

Want to learn more about the power of your scent & the top 5 scents to boost your mood? Click here to read my post about stimulating your senses.

As I look outside my window and hear the cars honking and the chatter of New York City, I decide to embrace the uncertainties that I am feeling by fueling them with hope instead of anxiety. To allow the light to shine in and to ultimately not dwell in the unknown but march on with confidence that within the space of uncertainty…anything is possible.

Wishing you a bright & wondrous month of December!





I’m doing a New Moon celebration on December 18th! New Moons are the best times to plant new seeds for your wishes and intentions. It will be magical, joyful and full of heartfelt vibes!

Sign up to receive all the details! This will be a no-charge event so you got nothing to lose and get ready to set your desires for 2018!

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