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Letter to my Intuition


A very intuitive exercise to do whenever you have a decision to make and you're unsure what to do. This is also very helpful to bring back into alignment with yourself & The Universe in those times that you're feeling out of sync.

This is a very much personal and true letter that I wrote to myself a few months ago when I was feeling an inner conflict that had left me feeling out of sync. 

You can follow the same format and have fun with it! Allow your intuition to guide you, write without stopping until you feel clarity and resolution.

Always, always trust your intuition knows the best path for you to take that will bring you the most joy.

Dear Intuition,

Why do I have this inner conflict, what’s it all about?

IN: It’s an evolution Stéph, your next phase is here and your mind is catching up with your heart.


SV (me): Thank you! How do I bridge the gap between the mind and the heart so it’s an easier process?

IN (intuition): Well, it’s clear your heart is ready, your mind is hesitating because it’s processing and trying to find the logic, the steps, how it’ll work out, etc. The heart trusts the uncertainty, the mind tries to control the steps and it’s logical. You’re still allowing the mind to have the final say in your decisions even when they are heart-centered and the conflict is stemming from that. The conflict is an inner battle between the heart + the mind (ego in this case) who’s had the final say in your decisions for a long time. You’re caught in the middle trying to be the referee for both which is impossible.


SV: Ok, thank you. That makes perfect sense. Now how do I shift the decision-maker from mind (ego) to heart? I am ready to make that transition…

IN: Well it’s easier than you ‘think’ ;-) It feels challenging because you’ve given so much power to your mind/ego for most of your life. First you have to admit and announce to your mind/body/heart that starting today there will be a shift in responsibilities. You’re not asking, you are commanding for this to be so. Be aware, your ego might kick and throw a tantrum (no one likes to be de-throned) but be gentle and tell it there’s nothing to worry that you got it handled and you’re taking care of everyone involved.


SV: Ok here I go…

Mind/Body/Heart & all energy, atoms, organs that govern my body and thoughts. I announce that from now on, decisions will be made from the heart, not the mind. My intuition will be the command-in-chief for all decisions. Mind/Ego – you’ve done a wonderful job for most of my life and now it’s time for a shift. There is nothing to worry about because the heart holds wisdom from thousands and thousands of years and is able to tap into my higher self who also has thousands of years of wisdom. My higher self is also connected to God, the Universe and well that’s been around since day 1. So it’s safe to say that we are divine guided and protected and trusting that by shifting the power in command to the heart for all final decisions, we will guided and protected in the process. There’s nothing to fear.




SV: Thank you!!! I feel great!!! Now, will you help me in going about taking action? Feels that all engines are ready to start but I still feel a bit of fear. Fear of fully letting go and trusting my heart.


IN: You’ve evolved so much in the past few months, it’s incredible but it makes sense that you’re scared of the unknown. You’re not trusting because you’re still thinking “what I do all of this work for nothing?” You (your ego) doesn’t see the benefits of the ‘unknown’ because they aren’t tangible and don’t feel as real as the rest of the physical senses. However, you my dear, have outgrown all of that. There’s nothing to fear, it’s time to trust.


SV: So you’re saying, I am capable of taking action but it’s matter of trust? So how can I change my perception so I can be driven and motivated without seeing the physical benefits?


IN: Yes, it’s a matter of trust. When it comes to shifting your perception, tap into those feelings that come from the heart. You already feel those emotions. What’s going to keep you driven & inspired it’s taking action towards the things are rooted in your heart’s desires.


SV: Ok, thank you. So what do I do when I feel I’m still holding back?


IN: Well, it becomes about trust. How do you trust the journey of the unknown? You already feel the results of what it’s like to follow your intuition (by feeling joyful + happy!). What are you scared of? Trusting in yourself or the unknown of the journey? That’s where the answer lays.


SV: Trust. How can I trust more in myself? Trust more in God? How do I trust my desires are divine and there is a purpose + reason for everything? How do I trust that it’s my responsibilities to birth these desires?


IN: What does trust mean to you?


SV: To rely faithfully without self-doubt. To have faith in God, The Universe and my Angels that things are always working out for me. So how can I strengthen my trust in God, the Universe that even in the unknown journey, I can let go and release fear?


IN: It’s a delicate process that is rooted in patience. It entails taking off the pressure off the break ever so slightly as you add pressure to the gas. It’s a balancing act of sorts that begins with taking action. Daily action that seem a bit ‘scary’ and that come from your intuition and see what happens. Doing it daily so you can start gathering the ‘evidence’ and appease your logical mind that even when you take action by following your intuition things always work out. It’s funny because once you commit and do it for a few days, it’ll eventually become the new norm for you and that inner conflict will vanish.


SV: THANK YOU Intuition!!!! I am committing today to taking daily actions with the intention of strengthening my own trust and the trust in the Universe + God even when it’s unknown.

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