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Energy healing is an exchange of energy to balance/restore your own. There are tons of energy healing modalities like: Reiki, Acupuncture, Reflexology, etc.


The modality that I practice & I am certified in is called Theta Healing. Theta Healing works with the power of thoughts & words and aligns between the conscious & subconscious. There has been scientific results in which the findings have shown that working on a theta frequency can have lasting results on the mind & body.

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Energy healing is grounded through chakras (energy centers in your body).


When you are feeling a bit off is because there is an imbalance in your chakras. That's when energy healing comes in, to give you an alignment with your energy. Just like you go to the dentist every few month to get a cleaning, this is the same but for your energy!


"Stéphanie is truly an enlightened soul, the messages were so intimate, true and revealing.  

From that point, I knew she was a gifted channeler. I'm so lucky to have had this experience. I hope all can experience her gifts of abundant light, love, and spiritual awakenings."

-Melissa Lebb  

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$222// 60 min

This powerful reading is all about you & your angels!


We all have angels around us who are guiding us & act our own very personal cheerleaders!


You can ask specific questions or I can pull messages directly for you about your life purpose, relationships, & more.


This session includes:​​

  • Angel messages based on your questions.

  • An energetic healing to help you reset.

  • Clearing any lower toxic energy.


You'll have clarity and feel lighter at the end of the session.

*This session is 60 minutes.


"I had my first (of many) Angel Card reading with Steph & it was incredible!

I had always wondered 'who' my Angels were and when they through to Steph, it was amazing to finally know. I am already looking forward to our next reading! "

- Amanda Morse

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$375// 75 minutes

This session is ideal for you if you've feeling out of sync or you want to re-charge your energy by strengthening your vibration.

In this session, I use Theta Healing & will help to:

  • Clear out any low energies & blocks

  • Align your chakras so the energy is flowing again.

  • Explain each chakra & how to leverage the energy for your well-being. 

  • Strengthen your vibrant energy and attract your desires  

  • A beautiful clearing meditation leaving you feeling empowered


"Stephanie did a chakra alignment & I immediately felt calmer and lighter.

I felt so positive, peaceful & felt like myself again"

Olivia Orta

"I've worked with Steph in all kinds of situations, from clearing energy from new homes I've moved to with my family, to clearing an apartment that started to give off very volatile energy, to helping me clear my work space.  I couldn't imagine my days without Steph! She's the absolute best to work with! I mean, we all have enough going on in our lives, a little love & peace is just what the we all need!"

Vanessa A.

"I had the pleasure of Stephanie coming to my place to cleanse the energy in my apartment. I was introduced to energy cleansing by my girlfriend because she thought it would be a great idea to refresh the energy in our place for the New Year. Not knowing what energy cleansing was, I was skeptical.


But, the moment Stephanie stepped into my apartment I felt a burst of positive energy flow through the whole place. From that moment - she had my attention. She made me feel comfortable and held my hand throughout the entire process. Stephanie has a gift for understanding people and getting a sense of their energy. 


I walked away impressed by her and the impact she had on me in a short period."  

 - Jason S.

"I asked Stéphanie to come to my apartment before the New Year to cleanse the energy in my home. I live in a place that has been in my family for over 40 years, so I wanted to cleanse any negative and stagnant energy.


Stéphanie spent about an hour with me, listening to my intentions, cleansing my home and ending the session with a moving meditation. She has a true gift in reading energy and is able to quickly get to know a person through simple dialogue.


She is also warm, friendly and honest - I didn’t want her to go :)! Her energy cleansing service was a rejuvenating, comforting experience & one that I will be requesting more than once a year!" 

- Sorah Kim

 "I am so blessed and grateful for meeting Stephanie. Her timing was perfect as she helped me sort through my emotions, find clarity and address my insecurities as I am preparing my next steps.


Stephanie approach her work with kindness, compassion, authenticity and warmth. I have learnt a lot from her in a short period of time and highly recommend her to anyone. Be open, be ready and embrace Stephanie and the process." 

- Loan Garland



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