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I have known Stéphanie for years and she is filled with a positive spirit and an unlimited amount of enthusiasm that is contagious. So, when Stephanie told me that she was doing Readings, I smiled and thought "of course you want to reach out to folks and bring a little sunshine into their lives."  I had a reading and asked a question about work and got more than I bargained for.  I had a "moment" where all the thoughts I had been having about my career and my life were confirmed, I realized that I just needed to keep taking small steps forward.  If you ever feel stuck, overwhelmed or just in need of a little motivation, then a reading may be the thing for you.                              Melody Fund 

I had my first (of many - I hope) angel reading with Stéph and it was incredible. Every card that she pulled directly matched the questions I was thinking about. They were hard questions about forgiveness and loss but her meditations kept me calm. I had always wondered 'who' my angels were and when they came through to Steph, it was amazing to finally know. I am already looking forward to our next reading!                                                       Amanda Morse

Stéphanie is truly an enlightened soul. I feel so blessed to have had an angel card reading with her. I was going through a time of turmoil and she sat there caring, compassionate, and grounded, allowing me to digest a larger thesis and helping to open my heart to the universe. When she pulled the cards - card by card, the messages were so intimate, true and revealing.  From that point, I knew she was a gifted channeler. Her ability allowed me to truly feel free and believe in something much more important. I'm so lucky to have had this experience. I hope all can experience her gifts of abundant light, love, and spiritual awakenings.                        Nicole Liebman 

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