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The end of the year can feel like such a whirlwind - parties, shopping and eating. By the time we look up 2019 is here and we start the year feeling a little behind schedule thinking “Really, I’m behind already?"


We feel panicked and after 2 (or 3) glasses of champagne, we write down some goals and start year without any clarity or purpose.


I am here to tell you that not this year.

How can you be so sure? *glad that you asked!*


First, we start by resetting your energy (yes, this is a thing & possible)


Second, by creating an action plan that will keep you accountable & focused (who doesn’t like checking things off a list?)


Third, through accountability (because everyone needs a support system)

You'll start 2019 with new-found energy and a clear action plan that supports achieving your #1 goal in 2019.

2018 is the year when things change_head

Are you ready to start 2019 with clear energy and a plan of action?


Don’t you want to welcome 2019 by clearing out the old, stagnant energy and creating room for new vibrant energy?

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A no-fuzz simple program designed to give you a straight forward way to get what you need: an energy reset and a plan of action to achieve your goals.


This is what you can expect to get from this program: 



We’ll start with an energy clearing session that will reset your energy through a chakra alignment in order to release that old draggy energy #sighofrelief


Chakras are energy points throughout our bodies. Think of it like rotating discs that produce energy. Through anger, sadness and pain they start slowing down and that affects our energy.


Picture a hose, if you pinch the hose at any point, the water gets drippy and doesn’t flow through properly. That’s exactly what happens with our chakras if we don't reset them. When any of those discs get ‘clogged’ it affects how we feel because the energy is not flowing properly through our body.


Through this energy healing session:

>> We’ll reset your chakras to ensure that each disc is rotating like they should.

>> Remove any lower energies that you might hanging onto (without meaning to!) so you feel more like yourself

Just like when you clean your home, think of this energy clearing as the same way: we are ‘cleaning’ your energy and making space for the new in 2019!




Now that your energy is clear and you’re feeling back like yourself then it’s time for a plan of action.


By the end of this follow-up session, you will have a tailored and results-driven action plan that supports your #1 goal.

Most of the time, we are very clear on what we want but when it comes to how we are going to make it happen, we are unclear and that’s how we lose focus, momentum & get derailed. This is where Reset & Achieve comes in giving you the support and accountability that you need to achieve your goals. 


Reset & Achieve is the perfect combination that will set you up both energetically and practically to achieve the results that you want and start the year on a strong note and with a plan of action.



 Knows that they were made for more

Is not willing to settle on their goals any longer

Is tired of setting the same goals every year (year after year) and not achieving them

Is determined but needs a little push to start that momentum

Is no longer available to play small

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Reset + Achieve is a simple way to achieve the results you want.


All it requires is a clear commitment on your part and a focused, results-driven approach on mine.


I open this program only once a year and is available for 1 month only! From 12/23/18 through 1/23/19.

It's available through a limited-time because there isn't any time to waste when it comes to your goals.

This is the time to make a commitment to yourself and your goals.


This program includes:




As a certified Theta Energy Healer, I will clear out low energies & blocks that you've been hanging onto


I'll re-balance your energy centers (chakras) in your body so the energy flows freely (allowing to feel like yourself again)


Strengthen your energy so it becomes strong & vibrant


The session ends with a clearing meditation leaving you feeling lighter & empowered




In this productive session, we’ll create a tailored plan of action that supports your number #1 goal.


We’ll break it down by getting clear on why this goal is important for you


Create a specific weekly plan to ensure you know exactly what to do to make sure that you achieve your goal

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When you purchase Reset + Achieve  by 12/31/18, you get an additional BONUS that is all about accountability!



This session is designed to help you stay accountable on your goals! Once January ends, our motivation sometimes suffers and we go back to our old ways.


The purpose of this call is to check-in to make sure that you’re on top of your goals and if not to discover what is holding you back.

We all know that when someone is holding us accountable, there's a bit more pressure and therefore more action = win + results. In order to create that momentum, this call must take place within a month of your purchase. That way you have 4 weeks to establish your new habits, check things off the list and start achieving your #1 GOAL!

"Stephanie has hands down been my saving grace/guardian angel.  In just 3 short months if working together, I have made more progress than I have in 3+ years of traditional therapy.  She has offered me guidance, support, encouragement, empathy, "tough-love," compassion, and a "tool-box" of strategies I can use on a daily basis.  Stephanie does not have a cookie cutter approach to her services/clients, she is proactive and offers individualized plans, exercises that WILL offer results.  I can say with certainty, that my life now is filled with more joy, love, fun, happiness, and peace thanks to Stephanie.  

She helped me out during a difficult time in my life and helped bring me clarity which allowed me to make a couple big decisions I needed to make (but was resistant to because I was fearing change).  I have now decided to work with her another 3 months as I transition to the next chapter of my life-  my best chapter!

"I promise your life will change for the best, in ways you did not even think were possible!  I thank God everyday to bringing Stephanie in my life and allowing me to have her on my journey with me!" -Renee Sovern

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Let me ask you: Are you fulfilled with where you are today?


Are you clear on what you have to do to achieve your goals?


Avoiding your feelings and letting the days go by won’t solve the situation. 


It’s time to take action by resetting your energy + creating a plan of action to achieve what you want.


Reset + Achieve  is worth $395 but for one-time only, I am offering it to you at a low, affordable price because I know that this will help you start the year feeling confident and focused instead of panicked & overwhelmed. 

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Yes! I am so ready to feel proud of myself!

Sign up here
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“Stéphanie has the ability to bring out the hidden motivations and blocks that I have not been able to identify. I am finally taking responsibility for my life with the tools she has shared with me! I highly recommend Stephanie and her coaching!” - Stacey Horvath

"Stéphanie helped me find my inspiration! I really wish I would have done this [coaching program] sooner. I wake up, jump out of bed and I am filled with energy  (not the four cups of coffee or Red Bull kind of energy.) Having that kind of energy makes everything in my life seem more manageable and possible and exciting." -Melody Fund

 "I am so blessed and grateful for meeting Stephanie. Her timing was perfect as she helped me sort through my emotions, find clarity and address my insecurities as I am preparing my next steps. Stephanie approach her work with kindness, compassion, authenticity and warmth. I have learnt a lot from her in a short period of time and highly recommend her to anyone. Be open, be ready and embrace Stephanie and the process."  -Loan Garland

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