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9/26 - 9/27/ 2020

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Welcome my friend! I am so happy that you're here!


I'm ​Stéphanie & I want to personally invite you to The JOY Conference 2020!

This virtual 2-day conference is where you’ll get to:

>> RELEASE your stress, anxiety, doubts & insecurities

>> BOOST your confidence towards achieving your goals

>> LEARN THE PATH to balance, fulfillment, happiness

Think of The JOY Conference as *the place* where you prepare your mind, body, spirit and emotions to receive the best that life has to offer.

Let's make 2020 the year you own and accept yourself. The year you claim your dreams, yourself & your power!

Scroll below to check out the amazing experts that I've partnered with for The JOY Conference, the agenda for the weekend & the goodie bag "The JOY Kit" that you get as part of your ticket!

I am delighted to have you join me and an incredible community of joyful humans and raise the frequency of this world.

May you follow your joy - always & in all ways!

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The Universe is conspiring in your favor.

You can learn to take action despite of fear, doubts or stress.


You can understand & maximize your capabilities 

Affect the change that creates transformation in your life.

There is a way to claim the power within you.

You can achieve balance in the midst of challenging times.

There's a way to assert your confidence despite your uncertainties.

2020 is the year of YOU

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The JOY Conference is a 2-day virtual conference where you will release the stress & anxiety, boost your confidence, learn the path to inner fulfillment. 

The JOY Conference is where prepare your mind, body, spirit and emotions to

receive the best that life has to offer.

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The JOY Conference is a 2-day virtual experience that is designed to release what no longer serves you, giving you the tools to reclaim your confidence so by the end of the weekend, you feel like a brand new person with the re-birth of your true essence!


Conference Dates: Weekend of 9/26 + 9/27

Time: Starts at 11am EST until 4p EST (wellness & food breaks included)

Online Platform: Zoom


Bringing your senses to life 

This event includes a JOY Kit full of items to transform your home into a decadent, cozy and nurturing safe space. 

Below is the event itinerary PLUS JOY Kit items!

Saturday Itinerary.PNG
Sunday Itinerary.PNG

SV Empowerment reserves the right to change this schedule.

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Who doesn't love a goodie bag? I mean isn't that ONE OF THE BEST perks of attending a conference?


Although, this is a virtual conference, you're still getting a goodie bag! I've partnered with Claire's Crystal Creations and Claire has created THE MOST AMAZING kit full of cozy items to ensure this event will be one to remember!


Included in your ticket, you will receive a JOY Kit full of items to transform your home into a decadent, cozy and nurturing safe space. 

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The JOY Kit is shipped directly to your preferred address (international charges may be additional)

These items are ideal to have during the conference in order to create a cozy at-home oasis! Make sure that you get your tickets no later than 9/17 in order to receive the JOY Kit before the event!

Note: These items are not required  during the conference. So even if you get your tickets after 9/17, we will do our best to get them to you on time but if they arrive after the conference, that's okay!

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$88 (plus processing fee)

BONUS! The JOY Kit (Valued $30)

(1) Journal

(1) Glitter Pen

(1) Moonstone Crystal

(1) Palo Santo Stick

(1) Sachet of Cloves

(1) Sachet of Rose Petals

(3) Cinnamon Sticks

(1) Sachet of Sage

(2) Lavender Incense Cones

(3) Tea Light Candles

$88 (plus processing fee)

BONUS! The JOY Kit (Valued $30)

(1) Journal

(1) Glitter Pen

(1) Palo Santo Stick

(1) Sachet of Cloves

(1) Sachet of Rose Petals

(3) Cinnamon Sticks

(1) Sachet of Sage

(2) Lavender Incense Cones

(3) Tea Light Candles

Image by Preslie Hirsch
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Credit: Preslie Hirsh via Unsplash

The JOY Conference is for those who are ready to fully step into power!

You know that 2020 has been a huge eye-opener and catalyst in your own journey of expansion but there are a few things lingering that are holding you back...



You're ready to release what no longer serves you


You're ready to break through the cage of limiting beliefs


You're ready + willing to OWN all of you

You feel beaten up by 2020, you're done with the bs &

you're ready to take your power back

Basically, you're done f*ckn' around and YOU KNOW THIS IS YOUR TIME!

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Kitty Gonzalez_Yoga Teacher.PNG

Kitty is a Mexican-born power vinyasa and traditional hot yoga teacher based in Brooklyn, NY.


She was introduced to the practice 11 years ago by a dear friend who knew it would help cultivate much needed feelings of self-love and acceptance.


Today, she teaches yoga in order to help others grow these feelings towards themselves as well.

Kitty’s classes are open to all levels, so whether you’re a practicing yogi or have never before stepped on a mat, there is always a space for you in her class.


For more information & class schedules, visit: 

Jess The Intuitive_Speaker_Website featu

Jess Bubbico is half American/half Italian. She uses a combination of Human Design, Intuitive Development, & Embodiment practices to support you in more deeply aligning with your purpose, more deliberately using the power of your mind, & cultivating a reliable connection with your intuition to guide every aspect of your life.


Jess supports conscious leaders in stepping more deeply into their gifts and sharing their unique brilliance with the world.


For more information, visit:

Nandar Matari_Meditation.PNG

Our Meditation Trainer, Nandar Matari was born and raised in Myanmar (Burma).


Since 1993, she has been learning and practicing the precious ancient methods of mindfulness and meditations from many Buddhist monks and masters.


She worked in different careers as English Teacher in Myanmar, Financial Consultant later Sales Manager and Recruiting Specialist in Germany.

In spite of her great professional successes, she did not feel fulfilled and she decided to follow her passion of teaching meditations since 2014.


Through her daily convention of meditations and diverse experiences in the past 27 years, she has created different forms of guided meditations to transform people’s lives with Meditation for better health and more productivity.

For more information, visit:

Jenn Guerrero_Breathwork_website.PNG

Jenn is the founder of VenSeremos, an all inclusive environment for holistic healing modalities, offering bilingual services to serve the Latinx community.


As a survivor of childhood trauma and abuse, Jenn uses the tools she acquired on her personal healing journey to lead others.


She champions others along their journey with unconditional love and compassion toward radical self-acceptance for complete transformation.

It is through the inclusion of all parts of the Self, light and shadow, that change happens. For that reason: “En luz y sombra, VenSeremos.” - In light and shadow, VenSeremos

As a certified breathwork facilitator, registered yoga teacher, neurolinguistic and personal development coach, Jenn focuses on bringing trauma-informed mindfulness to individuals and communities.


Jenn has brought her work across international borders from New York City and Miami, to Colombia, and her home, Puerto Rico. Nurturing her passion for both business development and creating cultural change, her teachings have found a home in a variety of settings including corporate wellness programs for large corporations like A+E Networks and YogaWorks, social outreach efforts with incarcerated youth populations, and relief efforts in communities struggling with social violence throughout Latin America.

For more information, visit:

Image by Sean O.


Step into your power with

Image Credit: Sean O. via Unsplash

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SV Empowerment Life_2018.JPG

I am a Certified Coach & Energy Healer based in NYC. 


I am half Venezuelan/half Swiss and have a huge family! I am obsessed with New York City, I moved here almost 8 years ago and I cannot get enough...

Soon after I moved, a local NYer stole my heart and we married in 2017.

I am a pancake + croissant lover, following my joy is what I do + all things consciousness, personal growth , intuition, woo-woo + spirituality are my jam!

I took a huge leap of faith & after 12 years in Marketing, I quit my corporate career to pursue my joy + follow my intuition and it's THE BEST THING THAT I'VE EVER DONE!


As the founder of SV Empowerment, I now work with ambitious people who feel over-whelmed and joy-less and I help them re-discover their joy + what fulfills them because ultimately life is too short to feel stressed and be unhappy. Am I right? 

After a decade of Marketing experience and working in top global companies such as L'Oréal, I decided to make a drastic change in my life: stay true to myself across both personal and professional areas in my life.


My mission is to spread that sense of authenticity and empower people to do the same in their lives creating a positive ripple effect.


I believe that with full determination & conviction, anything achievable!



>> Is the JOY Kit included with the ticket price or is it extra?

Yes, it's included! You don't have to pay extra for the kit

>> Are refunds available?

No. Refunds are not available. If you have any questions email

>> Will the event be recorded?

Yes. You will have access to the event recording until October 5th, 2020. After that, the link will no longer be available.

>> For any additional questions:


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