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Stéphanie is an Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker, Energy Healer based in New York City.

She spent over a decade in Marketing working for corporations including L'Oréal, Norwegian Cruise Line, Elemis Skincare among others world-wide recognized companies.  

Stéphanie is Venezuelan/Swiss, tri-lingual in Spanish, French and English.​ Her expertise and skilled abilities stem from her unique background in holistic healing practices, spirituality and metaphysical studies combined with over a decade of marketing experience in Corporate America. 

As an Empowerment Coach, Stéphanie's methods are designed to empower and transform people's lives. Her strong intuitive insight along with her wide range of experiences allow her to help her clients accomplish their goals.  


Stéphanie is passionate and values self-awareness, personal growth and self-care as she believes it's at the core of true fulfillment. As an energy healer, she uses various holistic and meditation techniques for the mind, body and spirit that help clear limiting beliefs, strengthen energetic vibes and creates a positive lifestyle. ​

Stéphanie's authentic and heart-felt desire to contribute and make positive changes in people's lives is what drives her. 

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Ready to jump?



6-month program

This one-a-kind program is for those who are ready to jump + go all in the pursuit of the life they desire.

This is for you if you are undoubtedly ready to transform your life, remove all self-doubts + do what it takes to get there.

If you are driven by courage, determination and faith and are relentless in the pursuit of your goals & you are fully committed to transform your life 180 then this is for you.

This unique program includes both coaching & energy modalities that work at a conscious and subconscious level to help you achieve the transformation that you desire. 

  • Release every limiting belief + remove blocks that is holding you back at a subconscious level using Theta Healing. As a Certified Theta Practitioner, I will help you reprogram limiting beliefs stored in your subconscious and create new ones that support your goals and desires.

  • Learn how to re-program your thoughts to align with your goals by aligning with your intuition. 

  • Shift how you perceive life and match the vibration of what you desire by awakening your spiritual connection. 

  • Understand + master the 7 levels of energy so you can leverage your energy to move forward instead of playing small.

  • Chakra alignment to help you find balance and remove any energy blocks in these energy centers in your body.


What you get:

  • Total 26 sessions17 Coaching + 6 Theta Energy + 3 Chakra Alignments 

  • Email support + accountability check-ins between sessions.


  • 2 Attitudinal Assessments: One to take at the beginning of the program & one at the end to measure the growth of your journey. ($500 Value) More info here

  • Debrief of the assessment so you can understand the results & how to leverage them in your life.


Sessions can be either remote or face-to-face. The live sessions are held at WeWork offices in NYC.

“Stéphanie helped me find my motivation. Her coaching techniques helped me uncover what was blocking me. I have a new well of energy & productivity that is overflowing to all areas of my life.”

Melody Fund, MGF Consulting 

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