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*Manifestation is to create something evident (your desires, your goals) and  easily recognized by your mind (what your mind believes, you achieve)

A manifestation* journey designed break through what's holding you back. 

Ready to crush your 2017 goals

in the next 4 months??

Is that a YES?!?! Because it is for me too! September is here which means there are 4 months left until 2018.


Take a minute and think about the goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of 2017.


Think about the ones that you’ve crushed and the ones that you haven’t been able to achieve.


Consider why accomplishing that goal is important to you. What would feel like to finish the year knowing that YOU DID IT?


It’s time to take action now. You have four whole months to get going and crush that goal. It’s not too late, I promise but it does require commitment and discipline to make it happen along with inner work to remove any blocks that may be holding you back.


If there’s any part in you that doesn’t believe your goal is not achievable or that you’re not capable or worthy of it, it’s almost impossible to make it happen because there is an internal conflict between what you want & whether you think it's possible to achieve.


That’s the beauty and power of this 40 day meditation practice. It breaks through the blocks and opens up so you can receive.


For those of you that personally know me, you know that I do not mess around when it comes to goals.

When I have a goal in mind, nothing will stop me until I get there.


One of the goals this year that I’ve been having challenges with is establishing a consistent daily meditation practice. I want to strengthen my inner strength and nurturing my inner peace specially on my first year as business owner, ya know?


When I saw that a fellow spiritual coach and yoga instructor Ashley Watson was leading a 40 day Kundalini meditation for

prosperity without hesitation I signed up and decided to go all in.


I am so proud to say that I finished the 40 day journey and it was life-changing.


Ashley is such a powerful and centered soul, she created a safe and uplifting community of bad-ass and

driven people who wanted to create a daily meditation practice while attracting more prosperity in their lives! How amazing is that?

This kundalini practice was powerful. Here's what I experienced on a spiritual level:

I broke through limiting beliefs and blocks that were holding me back. Some of them, I wasn't even

consciously aware of them until they came to the surface.

I feel lighter in spirit and stronger within.

I learned that prosperity is not all related to money or financial wealth but it starts from within. The key to living a prosperous life starts from the heart & the unwavering desire to commit to that life-style.

Consistence is key to success. As simple as it sounds. Once you take action and become consistent, you will see results.

Are you curious about the rest of my 40 day experience and what the results that I achieved? Check out my recent blog here.


11 MINUTES a day


The genius and inspiring leader who is leading this 40 day journey! I met Ashley through Gabby Bernstein's (NY Times Best-Seller Author) community and we connected right away. Ashley is a psychotherapist, transformational coach and kundalini yoga teacher. 

Here are a few of her favorite things about practicing Kundalini yoga & the results she's seen from her practice!

"When I discovered Kundalini meditation, I fell in love with the mantras (words), mudras (hand movements/gestures) and breath work and always felt energetically better after every session. And then effortlessly, my life started to flow.

I know when I have a consistent practice, I see the benefits in my daily interactions, I have an overall feeling of joy and I even see the benefits in my bank account!


Kundalini meditations truly have the power to help us unlock our potential and tune into the flow of our lives."



You are ready to break through any blocks that are getting in the way of your goals

You want to establish a fulfilling daily meditation practice

You are ready to JUMP and take a leap to create the life you desire

You love a meaningful challenge and are to ready to up level your life



When you enroll in this program, you will receive:


Mantra sheets and a chart to write your goals

Daily Live Meditation 

Ongoing Support via Private Facebook Group

Access to an amazing community of people achieving their goals!

First things first & in case you're not too familiar with Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini yoga incorporates spiritual and physical practices with the goal to build physical vitality and increase your consciousness. YES & YES!

The more you're aware and aligned with your consciousness, the more you can create the results you want and

achieve the goals that you want.

Why 40 days? In Kundalini Yoga, it is believed that 40 day meditations will break any negative habits that

block you from expansion. 



My 40 day journey not only led me to material manifestation and noticeable results but also to a deeper fulfillment and stronger spiritual practice because through the process I was able to remove blocks that were literally holding me back from achieving my goals!


As soon as I heard that Ashley was launching a new program in September, I was IN & I could not wait to share it with you!


I am so excited to announce that I decided to partner with Ashley Watson as an affiliate for her next 40-Day Kundalini Meditation program for manifestation and give to you some amazing bonus and value because I want you to experience the results and achieve your goals!!!

In addition to receiving all of the above, you also get:


60 minute private coaching session with me!

I will help you create a game plan towards your goal. Or if you don’t know which goal to focus on and you need clarity in order to take action, this 60 minutes will get you there.


A  powerful guided exercise that has been proven to get you results when practiced on a daily basis.

The 40-day meditation PROGRAM STARTS SEPT 10th

If this program resonates with you and this is something you've been wanting to do,

don't hesitate and GO. FOR. IT


The 40-Day Meditation Program for Meditation in priced at $157

When you enroll using the link below, you receive additional bonus worth $150!

Are you ready to finish 2017 with your chin held high knowing that you crushed your goals?


OH AND IF YOU'RE telling yourselF...

that word again. 

The word I'm refering to is: Manifestation.


Manifestation is powerful and transformative but I get it,  it’s such over-used and misunderstood word that I

decided to do a little digging and here’s what I discovered.


{Manifest} Easily recognized by the mind.


{Manifesting} To make evident or certain by showing or displaying.


Manifestation is to create something evident (your desires, your goals) and easily recognized by your

mind (what your mind believes, you achieve).


Wouldn't that be something that you'd want to master?


The 'trick' to get results is combining the inner work which is this daily meditation with the outer work which

are all of the action that you’re taking towards achieving your goal.

So there is no magic "trick" just discipline, action and commitment. The question is how driven are you to go after your goals?

Full Disclosure: I am an affiliate partner and proud student of Ashley Watson’s 40-Day Meditation Program. I take very seriously what I recommend and I fully believe in this program. If you enroll in this program through me, I earn a referral fee.

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